Monday, January 29, 2007

look, another one of those "updates"

Yah, I'm actualy posting without somebody bugging me, amazing isnt it ;)

It's been busy busy busy. jack and i spent this saturday (from 7AM-3PM) working at a local ranch. there are pictures linked in my facebook profile for those who have facebook.

other than that its been homework and work. leo terrified some people in the kitchen today. heres the story in ridiculasly dramatized narrative form since i dont really have much else to post about ;)

I was mopping floors, same thing i do twice a week. the latecomers to dinner milled around like a herd of dazed sheep, or college students, its hard to tell the difference. i had just finished the long strip by the serving area when a group of girls walked by. blocked from continuing my work i looked up. one of the chefs stood there, i shot him the "what can i do" look that every worked has to learn to survive, then i shrugged and turned around to continue mopping. there was a sharp intake of breath from behind me as i saw the shaddow of the 6 foot 3 black man loom over the serving table. "Hey! you three, my man is trying to mop here! Next time you come after closing walk around to the other side." a disgruntled shweh of breath marked his leaving. he girls stood dazed, eventually they looked around cautiously to make sure no other cleaning tasks were in danger of being threatened by their movements. there was a scared silence as they slunk away to eat there late dinner somewhere where people were not so loud, or so tall. i kept mopping, just another night in the kitchen.

lol, yes, i really do need to write more in my little stories so these things dont end up online. that was an absurdly exagerated version of what happened.

oh, i also drew a picture this weekend, its been improved a bit since this version but i would have to walk back to my dorm to get the most recent one. Im sure nobody can guess who its a picture of ;)

I did a prop today in math. it went ok, im liking theology, lab and philosophy more than ever. math and Latin are a little better than last semester, but i still just cant memorize the amount of information needed in the amount of time i have.

the girl sitting next to me in the computer lab just burst out "hey, TAC is on the internet!" she's a sophmore and she just found the website. lol. i mentioned to her that she should try googling her name. that was even more of a shock. heheh. wow, she placed in the top ten of a triathlon.

That reminds me we have a guest/potential student who is on the interesting side. i noticed him because he sat in our common room for three hours in the same spot. he is 40 years old and owns a chocolate factory in the Caribbean. my school attracts the oddest people. i study latin with a 35 year old with a masters in biochemistry. jacks section has another 30 year old with a degree in architecture. yup, discontents with good degrees welcome here. were gonna put up a sign that says "TAC, population 300 philosophically interested youths and 3 grouchy old men" ;)

well, this has rambled on long enough. thanks to whover has mad it this far reading.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

its a bird, its a plane, its a post?

yes, i know i haven't posted in a while, again...

Latin is just as evil this semester as it was last semester, i have a better handle on how to study it but the language gets increasingly more absurd as you get into more complex principles (like perfect passive paraphrastics... thats a part of speech i never want to think about again).

In world news im deeply disturbed that Hillary Clinton is trying to run for president, peewee herman is making another TV show, and apple computers is making cell phones. all of these hurt my sense of right in the world.

my dorm had a "dorm party" tonight. we invited a couple of the tutors and the priests on campus, cooked steaks and sat around and talked, it was very fun, though i was starting to sound like gollum when the other people manning the grill tried to overcook the steaks "nasty hobbits, your ruinsing it!" the upper class men of course do not appreciate being called nasty hobits.

I have a paper due in math two weeks from now. i dont know what on earth im going to write about in a math class but i guess i should look over the recomended prompts.

I will try and post at least once a week, do post a comment to let me know people read this (with a name! not unintelligible initials!)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

week 1, semester 2

well, im back. Spring break was great. spent lots of time with friend and family. upgraded my computer. slept more than 5 hours a night.

My section has decided to go get coffee in town tonight. we have group projects to work on so it works out well.

Nick, a friend on my dorm wing, got a Wii. its addictivly fun, not that we play it much being that we dont have a TV to hook it up too, but when we do...

well, i have to go get ready to go. sorry for the lack of content.