Friday, September 29, 2006


I got my most recent latin quiz back and I got an 89%, this is very happy for me.

In other news, some of you may be interested to know. People who do not like bitter flavors (very strongly, for example people who dislike brussell sprouts) are catagorized as "Supertasters" there is some (though not definitive) research that these people have more taste buds. The proven fact is that they dislike spicy things and tend to eat less healthy diets (most vitamins are bitter, these people tend to dislike vegitables especialy green ones.) Supertasters are more common in women and people form: asia, africa, and south america; ironicaly some of the greatest chilli eating populations in the world. which brings me to me next interesting fact. resistance to spicyness is a developable habit, it leads to a release of endorphins (b-dopamine) in the brain (and thus can be considered addictive.) however unlike opiats and other drugs with similar effects chillis are seen to increase pain blockers without decreasing pleasure response. there is a promising non addictive drug being looked into for dealing with cronic pain. just a couple of interesting tid bits i came accross today. :)

as it turns out the "logic" that we are studying in philosophy is very little like the mechanical logic done in modern schooling (if A=B and B=C then A=C) what we are studying is the logic of aristotle (mainly from "the catagories" so far) and it revolves more around identifying 1. the basis of definition 2. the proposition 3. the argument (most specificaly if it is valid or invalid). you can see how this would lead to the refined modern logic, but I encurage you to look at the texts of porphyry's "on genus" if you think its the same. (although you would first have to discover how that is spelled.)

well, i finaly have a friday night without a lecture, and a weekend without extra work shifts, dances or fires (crosses fingers ;) ) so i just might post during the weekend sometime.

valete, patrick

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

super size me, wisky style

the subject is kinda random. it was a little spoof my friends showed me last night. they did the "is it really healthy to drink/eat nothing but wisky for a month?" (perhaps they thought the answers to supersize me was obvious), the guy made it past about 72 hours.

we went back to normaly classes today. math is getting kinda scary, nobody who was called up was actauly able to finish there prop without help. i imagine i will get to go again sometime this week.

other than that philosophy and work went reletivly smoothly. philosophy is starting into a section on logic, its very interesting. my mother would not like it at all :-P

turns out one of the chefs is a certified martial arts instructor who works at a tia kwan do studio in Santa Barbara. He is gonna come teach a class this monday, siad he might even stay late regularly to work out with us. that would be really cool.

well, i still have a lot of stuff to do online and im already over my 20 minute time limit so im gonna run. cya

Monday, September 25, 2006


Saturday night there was a big party, at which the dean decided to anounce a full evacaution. ;) they werent meant to concied like that.
We all met at a church in santa paula. from there we were divided up to go to the different houses that were offering shelter (at this point it was already 1:00 AM). Myself and 9 others got invited to Mr. applebe's (my math tutor).
The whole thing turned out to be pretty fun. Saturday night (we arrived after 2) Mr applebe proposed we watch "office space" so we did. we went to a 9:00 mass at St. Sebastians (for those of you who will know what i mean this reminded me alot of queen of angels.) after that we went to the store. My grandpa and great aunt claira picked me up from his house that afternoon and we went out to lunch at a local grill. It was really nice to see them. After my reletives left we all went to the beach. i took a ton of pictures (which i will no longer lie to you all by saying i will post them ;) because i know i wont. ) we made hamburgers for dinner and watched "black orpheus", the dean called around 9:00 and said we could go back to the school. we got here at 11:30.

Thismorning i washed all the potts, pans, and serving trays that had sat for 2 days. they took over 2 hours. now im reading the odyssey, later i shall have to do some latin and math. classes resume tomorrow.

jack stayed at one of the teachers houses also, tiana stayed at the head deans. I dont know about rebeka, i saw her thismorning but not long enough to get her story.

Hope you all had as much fun this weekend. be sure to comment.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

mindless rambling (and complaints about comments)

As i have said before it would really be apprecaited if people would leave some form of identification when they post a comment.... Particularly the sarcastic ones so i can hunt you down ;)

I really like getting comments but if too many like the ones from last night show up i will turn comment moderation back on and you will have to sign in to post. I dont particularly want to do this, getting lots of comments makes me day.

In response to last nights coments: Yes, it was fun. It has practical applications but we dont really care about them in this class, we are trying to discover truth, the fact that there is a mathamatical structure and order to the universe is a sort of proof of God, also if you read the works of socrates, plato and some of the other early philosophers there greatest basis for intelectual thought is geometry (see the meno). Its not latin, i wish it was because i need more practice for latin.

were having thai food for dinner :)
I have writing class this evening. It should be an enjoyable class (Of course it should be inherently obvious that the majority of those classes are enjoyable since people go to them voluntarilly). Tonight we are going to go over the first two chapters in the book "the elements of style" its really nice when "go over" really means go over, and not the teacher telling us what they thought about them. Its fascinating to sit down with a group of people (i would say peers but i have people in my classes that already have compleated college degrees, some of the other years have people with doctorates going through the program)

well, this is even more random than my normal posts, so i think i will stop before i start describing how increadibly anoying it is to sit at an end of the table with a piece of wood in front of you.

Please please please comment, but sign your name/alias/a clue/ something!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Sorry that I didnt blogg last night. I had seminar and needed the time to finish my bug project.

I was very pleased with myself yesterday. Our math class had the first decline of the year (meaning a person refused to even try and demonstrait a prop) and the person (through cruelty or faith i know not) suggested to the teacher that i do it (i have not proven myself to be good at props, certainly not one of the best 3 people, so i really dont know why she chose to pick on me) Mr. applebee did decide to ask me to try it though so i did. it took 25 minutes and 2 full chalk boards but i got it, heres the version from the book. suffice to say i was surprised i remembered it all.

To construct a parallelogram equal to a given rectilinear figure in a given rectilinear angle.
Let ABCD be the given rectilinear figure and E the given rectilinear angle.

It is required to construct a parallelogram equal to the rectilinear figure ABCD in the given angle E.

java applet or image
Join DB. Construct the parallelogram FH equal to the triangle ABD in the angle HKF which equals E. Apply the parallelogram GM equal to the triangle DBC to the straight line GH in the angle GHM which equals E.

Since the angle E equals each of the angles HKF and GHM, therefore the angle HKF also equals the angle GHM.
Add the angle KHG to each. Therefore the sum of the angles FKH and KHG equals the sum of the angles KHG and GHM.
But the sum of the angles FKH and KHG equals two right angles, therefore the sum of the angles KHG and GHM also equals two right angles.

Thus, with a straight line GH, and at the point H on it, two straight lines KH and HM not lying on the same side make the adjacent angles together equal to two right angles, therefore KH is in a straight line with HM.
Since the straight line HG falls upon the parallels KM and FG, therefore the alternate angles MHG and HGF equal one another.
Add the angle HGL to each. Then the sum of the angles MHG and HGL equals the sum of the angles HGF and HGL.
But the sum of the angles MHG and HGL equals two right angles, therefore the sum of the angles HGF and HGL also equals two right angles. Therefore FG is in a straight line with GL.

Since FK is equal and parallel to HG, and HG equal and parallel to ML also, therefore KF is also equal and parallel to ML, and the straight lines KM and FL join them at their ends. Therefore KM and FL are also equal and parallel. Therefore KFLM is a parallelogram.

Since the triangle ABD equals the parallelogram FH, and DBC equals GM, therefore the whole rectilinear figure ABCD equals the whole parallelogram KFLM.

Therefore the parallelogram KFLM has been constructed equal to the given rectilinear figure ABCD in the angle FKM which equals the given angle E.

Monday, September 18, 2006


I have 5 minutes in which to write this. good thing i dont waste time spellchecking. (or punctating, or capitolizing...)

Jack and i have concluded that latin is the root of, if not all evil, at least the majority of our homework. I got a C on the most recent quiz (he has to take the same quiz tomorrow), i have asked 4 other people what they got and i had the highest grade out of them, go figure. i shall have to ask the people who have done more than two years of latin (one of the people i already asked had 2 years in highschool, the other had 1 year in seminary!) according to a campus visitor we had we have already covered what he covered his first symester and we have had less than 3 full weeks of classes involving latin.

Enough about that though. my bug collection is almost done (which is good because its due wendsay) it is currently 23 sorted and labeled bugs, it needs to be 25. my lab class from friday is moved forward to tomorrow morning. they gave some of the other classes extensions for the project because of the fire but i havent been able to find my tutor to ask. dont need it anyways.

Speaking of the fire, it has receeded, at some point we were apparently surrounded by a fast moving fire, but its stopped blotting out the sun and the smoke only takes up about 30% of the sky now, i have some pictures, i still havent gotten around to uploading anything though.

My karate instructor sent me the dojo newsletter as well as a very nice note.

My grandpa and great aunt are coming to visit me this weekend.

Not much else worthy of note, gotta go teach karate.


Friday, September 15, 2006

its friday night


The all school seminar is tonight. 2 hours of talking about voluntary human sacrifice ( ;) it actualy was a good play, it was just odd..)

After that there is a little pizza party, which im looking forward too because dinner was not apealing looking enough to even try. (brocoli cassorol..... its something that needs more love than you can provide to 10, 30x15x6 in pans....)

Latin is an evil evil language. For the quiz today i needed to know all of the endings for the first and second declension of nouns..... I wont know how i did on it till monday afternoon but i will say it was a confusing quiz (and i dont normaly get confused on quizes).

The campus has stuff everywhere for the 35th aniversary party tomorrow afternoon. tables, tents the size of small houses, catering goods.... the library has about 300 chairs set up in it.

Dorm wars were canceled officialy (due to somebody cutting the power off in our dorm, i guess this cuased alot of safety problems with alarms going off...) they are not something im going to miss too much but the first night was fun.

and now for the technologicaly/gaming inclined friends of mine: psx4gp2x is making progress again, i tried out darwinia (finaly) after school today (lucas gave that to me.... well before summer started). you all still need to read megatokyo, i have max payne and battlefield 2 to try tonight (fridays are pretty much the only time i can justifiable not spend doing homework, unfortunatly the seminar will infringe on that, but i guess it does have priority ;)

Good luck to Lucas! (he is heading up to UCI this sunday.) or shall i say Bonam Fortunam.


(Salve= hello, te on the end when addressing a crowd, bonam fortunam= good luck, Vale= goodbye, te same as salve. I now know 8 endings for verbs in two diffferent congigations as well as the infinitive, 24 endings for nouns (also 2 declensions) and 24 endings for adjectives, about 100 vocabulary words. not bad for 14 days.) oh, and about 10 prepositions that dont use endings (thank goodness)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This means war!

So last night was the first episode of "Dorm wars". Things began right after curfew. it was anounced by our dorm tyrant (who we elected, ironic) that the men of Bernards (another dorm) had kidnapped the leader of Peters (the dorm on the second story of our dorm). we being the valiant neighbors that we are rushed to his aid. About 80 Guys stormed Bernards, Eggs flew in response to waterbaloons filled with water and/or shavingcream, 3 minutes later they begged for truce. We, having compleated our mission, returned to our own dorm. Soon we discovered that while we were gone, treacherous theives from Serra (last guys dorm) had stolen our flags. We immediatly went on the offensive again, with no further munitions things quickly fell to wrestling matches, serra made a tactical error (we outnumber them). suffice to say they might be missing there kitchen for a while (we took there microwaves and cooking impliments). we'll give them back, in exchange for our flags.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Wow, I can't believe 9/11 was 5 years ago. It seems like yesterday. all the priests wanted to remind us that more people are killed by abortion EVERY DAY than died in 9/11. The response we saw after that event would be merited every single day. go buy a bumper sticker or something.

In less important matters. i have a combined chapter 2/3 test for latin this friday so i will be trying to spend the next 5 days learning that. The school is having its 35th aniversary celebration this saturday (i heard from a little bird that the tickets cost 150$, so imagine it will be a fairly nice event.) Friday is also an all school seminar. that means that we all do an extra reading and we will be put into random groups from all four grade levels to have a discussion. should be interesting, might get a tutor i dont know and i will definitly get to talk with sophmores, juniors, and seniors.

I started reading megatokyo over the weekend, didnt make it very far, but its a pretty amusing comic strip. available free at (lucas, you need to read these.)

Happy belated birthday to my Grandma Z!

It would be nice if people commented still when they read. I dont know who reads this without it. just say hi if thats all your up for but "hi, this is XXXX" would be very nice to see. if i know who reads this i can talk more directly about what you might care about. thanks


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 19

I went and counted how many days I have been here.

Thismorning I had a latin quiz. I actualy think I did fine. I will know on friday.

My work for today got moved to tomorrow, leaving me with a double shift then, it was a nice day off today. I took the extra time (which was between 12 and 2) to read my homework for tomorrow (leaving me the time tonight to read my homework for friday as well as go to the karate meeting.)

In math I was called on to demonstrait a prop. Bad luck to get a quiz and that in one day but it was ok since i knew the prop (which demonstriated that in two triangles with two equal sides and the angle between them not equal, the base of those two sides will be correspondingly disproportionate [except my teacher admonished me for using the word proportion, but i dont know why and he didnt say so i assume it dosnt apply to my blog.])

Everybody on campus walks around with MP3 players listening to music. I have 3 MP3 players and many mp3's, but I find my headphones abhorent (or at least my wired ones, my wireless headphones are wonderfull but they do require power to work and a base stand so they really arnt suited to a portable device.) I found a pair of 3$ heaphones on though that got decent reviews, and 3$ is a price that is hard to refuse. now when people see my gp2x or Tungsten T|3 with headphones coming out of it they will ask "what on earth is that" and "why dont you use an ipod?" and then the evangelization begins, with a line somewhere along "because this cost 1/5 or half as much (depending on which there asking about) and it plays video,games,ebooks,calander events, alarms and about three dozen other things ipods cant do." :) i love good electronics.

David six and i are talking about making our own linux distribution that would update/run off a flash drive. this would be a very cool project and not all that hard (because he is a genious and i am a slave driver [my official possition in said joint endevor])

well, i digress into computer related rants, so im sure its time for me to go. cya all round.

(oh, did I mention yesterday that I got a train ticket for the 6th of october. For my parents this sadly means I need to be picked up at the trainstation that friday at 10:45 PM. In any case I will be home that three day weekend.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Nothing worthy of much note happened today. slept till 9:30, did laundry, went to the business office to arrange transportation to and from the train station next month.

the martial arts club meeting last night went well. I am slowly taking over a little more controll than i had origonaly planned, more or less somebody needs to be in charge and i am the most senoir in training. not to mention it was my idea. we have had about 10 students at each of the last 2 classes, not the same 10.

We have seminar tonight, more illiad, after this we get to read the anied, then the oddesy.

Our philosophy class decided that that there is sound reason to "order the nature of the soul" (according to socrates/plato) without drawing on supernatural reasoning. it was fun.

I have a latin quiz tomorrow that is going to be tough, i studied all weekend though so its not as if im unprepared. its all very interesting
the verb endings go:
Singular plural
First person : O : Mus
Second person : S : Tis
Third person : T : Nt

Those are all active, indicitive, present tense. For imperetive its e or ave.

Well, theres all your latin for the day. Check back soon for more rambling.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Latin, bugs, and karate

Sorry to go so long between posts. I have been staying very busy. Saturday I worked a double shift in the kitchen, went to a play (midsummers night dream) and to a dance (I can swing! Sortof.)
Sunday i spent most of the day doing homework. that entailed about 100 pages of reading, memorizing 60 vocabulary words for latin, and Math. Jack went to go see a movie, from his description im glad i didnt go. (I forget what movie it was, but he didnt sound impressed, he did get the ticket for free thanks to technical difficulties though and aparently the car ride/getting off campus was enjoyable, so he wasnt all that sad.) today i got up at 7, went from breakfast to latin to work, to lunch, to theology to math to the lab (we went and caught bugs for a science project, ether gives the most amazing headaches) to dinner, to work, and here I am. Im about to go teach a karate class that I started (10 students, W00t!). Then its off to study math and latin for tomorrow.

Happy birthday to my little brother Ben. He can go get his drivers license now, Scarry thought, im glad im not on the roads anymore :-P

I managed about 5 hours of sleep last night, im very glad that i have nothing till 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Well, thank you all for reading still, i shall try and keep this more up to date. the weekends really are a lost cause though currently, we already have another party for next saturday and perhaps a hike.