Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2 too go

Lab and philosophy are my only finals left.

Theology and Seminar were both extreemly good. i think i did very well on both.

we studied philosophy (myself and 3 classmates) for 4 hours last night. we will likely pull something similiar with Lab today. its intense but its amazing how much you can learn in that much time.

well, not much else to say. hope your all having a good last few weeks of school.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


freshmen actualy have it pretty easy as far as finals go. im only really worried about Philosophy, and a little about Lab. i understand lab, theres just alot of content to remember.

Theology shouldnt be hard, we dont have to be right, we just have to support ourselves and provide a complete arguement. its really a test to see if we know our way around the bible somewhat.

Seminar is a 15 minute oral exam. I'm actualy looking forward to that one. Mr. Goyette is an interesting guy to talk too.

Philosophy.......... sigh.... its not supposed to make sense i think. there is an abundance to remember. we already spent over 5 hours in study groups studying it and were only about 1/2 done with the review sheet. gonna be interesting. luckily its not till friday so we have lots more time.

Best of all by far though, we dont have math or latin finals :) next year, but not this year. YAY!

I thought that i would point out for those that know him that monarch (AKA Jeremy Graham [sorry if i mispelled your name]) has started posting again! For those who want to read (Which should be lots of you!)

and dont forget lucas's blog!

Well, i'll try and post again soonly. 6 days till christmas break!

Monday, December 04, 2006

stardate 12042006

Its a little odd (not that I mind) that I got three comments on the same day several days after I posted (comments are good, very encuraging to posting). I guess sunday nights are just a popular time to read things online.

we officaly canceled martial arts club till after break. Tonight a number of the members had other plans (including myself) and next week I imagine studying for finals will prevent most people from coming.

And now I must use my blogg to evangelize for the nintendo Wii. (I would evangelize for real, but to the best of my knowledge everybody who reads this is already christian, so I can just make you buy more time wasting gaming hardware). this article was in the new york times a week ago.
"More important, I have already seen the Wii appeal to people who would never pick up an Xbox or PlayStation controller. At Thanksgiving at my aunt's house in New Jersey, there was my 59-year-old stepfather, who hadn't touched a video game since Pong, locked in a tight golf match with my 21-year-old cousin. There was my aunt clamoring for her turn. And most shocking, there was my mother, 61, whom I had been trying to get into video games for two decades, playing tennis so vigorously she bruised her finger."

Universal apeal is very cool. I have to try one of those on my parents :-p the ultimate test.

Well, im gonna head off campus for a couple hours with my friend steven. were going to his sisters house, i dont know why, he didnt say, but its always fun over there. (the little kids running around underfeet reminds me much of my house. except nobody is that little anymore.)[yes, this is a different font, i cant figure out how it got changed]

--end transmission.