Thursday, August 31, 2006

This is a title.

Nothing too exciting today. worked in the kitchen all morning. took classes all afternoon. i plan on attending the optional (now that i passed the writing test anyways.) writing class tonight from 6:30-8. Nothing else to report here.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Im 19!

I'm currently wearing a shirt that I have had since I was 10. For those in the know, its the one thatIi wore in all my student ID's in highschool.
I spent two hours last night and two hours this morning trying to figure out the math, and I finaly get it I think.
I'm getting a back log of emails to reply too, so if you are reading this and I havent gotten back to you, im really sorry.
Well, I gotta run: Lunch,work,philosophy, math, break, dinner, seminar, homework. Talk to you all later.

:) Tiana gave me a giant bucket of ice cream (5 gallons?), to share of course, and my friends nick and David, playing off a nick name i have managed to get already (sherbert) got me two cartons of the same. so about 100 people (literaly) crammed into the coffee shop and sang me happy birthday and we all ate ice cream. i have a picture that i will definitly post up when i get it of me with a sign that says "=" and a carton of sherbert. reading "patrick = sherbert". Oh, and my parents gave me every condiment known to mankind as well as varied snack foods, mints and chocolate. i dont have room on my shelf in the dorm for anymore as it is filled with Tea (from nicole and the colvins.) and various foods either brought or gained while here. Thanks everybody.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Day..... I have lost count already.

Sorry to have such a big gap between posts. I got very busy. Friday nights lecture ran 2 and a half hours, following that we had a bit of a party in the dorm.... that ran untill 4AM, needless to say we slept late saturday. And no, i dont plan on making a habit of that. saturday at 12 i had work, followed by a all school tug-o-war (which i actualy avoided, knowing that it would result in an atack upon the freshmen by the upper classes.) That evening my uncle Dan showed up and we all went to sushi. It was entirely delicious. Sunday we (Jack and I) went to church and then worked furiously to finish our homework because Tiana had dictated that she was taking me out for my birthday that night and nothing i could say would dissaud her. The homework was successfully finished (although my teachers have remedied that today) and dinner was both fun and tasty. we went to an indian resturant (the 4 ziglinski cousins and 7 of tianas friends). everybody was very nice and the food was good. i will post a picture of it on photobucket when i get a chance (aka next summer).
Mondays are not a happy schedule. I got up at 7, went and had a cup of coffee and reviewed my assignent (which i had finished reading! let there be no doubt), went to language till 11, went strait to a 2 hour pot washing shift in the kitchen, back to the dorm to change into presentable (not soaked) clothes (the pots are big, and washing inevitably gets them wet, its all a rather damp business). Enjoyed a leasurely 15 minute lunch so I could rush back and go over the propositions for math one last time. went to philosophy and then to math. Philosophy i am thankfull ahead of in the homework. For math however I have 5 props to learn ( these are not short nor easy matters.) so i am very glad to have tomorrow morning off (which is when i shall be sleeping, as i would much rather study late into the night.) I find out sometime in the next couple of hours weather or not i have remedial writing courses. that will simply put my schedule over the top, and latin hasnt started yet. i have another kitchen shift in an hour so im going to go find out who im supposed to give this paperwork i have been holding onto for a week to. WOOHOO!!! for the people who started college today. (SDSU people... you know who you are.)
To those who have commented on my spelling, I refuse to spellcheck my blogg. It's mine, get your own, there free.

Friday, August 25, 2006

day 7 and 8

Sorry to miss a day again. is no longer redirecting to googles beta blogger and I didnt realize this untill today. For anybody who that makes no sense at all, it was broken.

I dont feel very confident about the writing test that I took. I dont think it was a very good example of my writing abilities. Then again I dont know what they are expecting having a two hour long writing test the third day of school at 7 in the evening.

Last night I organized the first meeting of MAC (martial arts club). it was a success with a turnout of 6 people (almost a perfect size, im thinking of 10 maybe.) half of which were martial artists previously and were very helpfull and half of whom had never trained and did admirably. we are planning on meeting three nights a week for an hour around 9PM.

Thismorning we took a walk around campus with out lab teacher and observed different plant life. including the pointing out of things to avoid, namely poison oak, stinging nettle and deadly nightshade.

This afternoon i have language and philosophy classes.

There is a lecture tonight on the holly spirit starting at 7:30. i dont know how late it will go but i am sorely tempted to bring my knitting :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

day 6

Just got finished with math. Still have a writing test tonight from 7:00 to 9:00. No pressure but if I fail I have to take 6 weeks of intensive writing class. fun fun.

So we actualy got to the discussion of Fabre today. It was far more interesting than I could have possibly imagined. The silk worms were interesting in themselves but the clear mindedness with which Fabre goes about observing the insect world and the way he manages to see the order of the universe in it is amazing. I think that he makes one of the strongest arguements for inteligent design possible and that isnt even his purpose.

I'm hosting a sort of anti smoking campiagn on campus. I'm not really bothering the people who do currently smoke except to remind them that its a major health risk when they flaunt it. (and myself and others make a point of getting up and leaving any area where a cigerette is lit, for our own health as well as to make a point. it really does smell bad) My main goal is to counter the pro smoking feel that is given by some of the the other students. For example I took the liberty of modifying a blackboard that read "relaxation in a stick" to read "lung cancer in a stick" and the large icon of a cigarette on the board now has a bubble saying "yum, addiction". I may see if an information campaign is possible later but I think the only helpfull thing I can do now is to discurage my peers from starting. It really is nice how considerate everybody is on campus though. even the smokers isolate themselves to about 3 areas, all outside.

Kitchen work continues. I did my third shift today. This time i was "cooks helper", mostly cutting lettuce, enough for about 800 small salads (3 large cases of it). The assistant cheff, Cheff Ryan is very nice.

Please do note that some of my posts grow in length in the late afternoon, so even if you think you have read one of them you may not have. Thank you all for reading.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 5

Well, nothing much has happened today so far. I have work at 12:00 and then classes untill 9 in the evening, but my morning has been compleatly free. Special thanks to everybody who has fascilitated my tea drinking, it is a very nice feelign to wake up and have a cup of tea. Special thanks to my Mother and Mrs. Colvin.

I would like to point out that though I love getting comments on here. If you are trying to contact me it is a much better idea to simply email I have no idea who the comment about my uncle dan is from and I need more info, I guess I shall call my mother.

well, im off to refresh "meno"since i read it three days ago now. Hopefully I shall get to post again after I have actualy done something for the day.

Post tutorial: Philosophy was both productive and fun. I really think I will enjoy that class in general this year. we are going to be combinging 5 weeks worth of work into 4, and then taking the 5th off, due to our tutors planned absence. math was fine, our teacher (mr. applebee) is fine but he dosnt seem very excited by freshman math. it could just be his personality, im witholding judgement. I still have a 2 hour seminar class to go.

The 4 cousins will try to open the box that was mentioned in a previous comment tonight. We have enough homework to merit a study sesion already and we havent started langauge (although I personaly am done with all of the homework for tomorrow. :) )

Monday, August 21, 2006

day 3 and 4

The library was closed yesterday so i didnt get a chance to post. I spent the early half of the day attending mass, reading and begening my homework for this week. In the afternoon I took a hike up to "the punchbowls". The weather, vegitation and general envoirnment out here is amazing. I almost stepped on a snake, thankfull it didnt take offence at this neer miss.

Today was metriculation. The bishop of colorado springs siad mass and we all signed the official registrar of the college. Later I have meetings on library use, dorm rules, and workstudy.

I'm starting to read "insect world" by Fabre. The man is so intensely interested in bugs it is amusing.

Hopefully I shall get to post in greater depth later.

---- It is now later. Much later. Almost 9PM actualy. My workstudy job is kitchen. It wasnt bad tonight, i worked 2 hours. 99% the same as what I did at subway.

Comment moderation has been turned off for those of you who that was anoying. I saw it and though "more power!! WHAHAHAHA" but aparently its just plain anoying so I shall let you all have your little posting powers to yourselves.

To answer some questions: Yes, signing the registrar was very much like signing any great document. except that we got aplauded.... I dont know if the signers of the declaration got that.
to aunt Jenny: Jack is a perfect roomate so far. keeps everything clean. does his homework, dosnt stay out late. Lets me set my alarm clock for whenever (i have a dual alarm so he gets his own seperate time should he choose).
Lastly: the hike was just over 2 hours... over rough terain, it was no less than 4 miles... probably that was about as far as it was though becuase it really was up and down hills and such.

Thanks again to all for reading and especaily those who comment.

P.S. Fabre was an evil man, he pretty much expirimented in what you could do to bugs untill they starved to death.. puting them in mazes and such with food just out of reach..... I'm sure there is something significant that i am missing though.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 2

It's Saturday, I slept until almost 9:00 and spent the early morning reading (for the seminar at 3). We had a brunch at 10:30 which was followed directly be a health care talk, which was then followed directly by an hour and a half of financial aid info.... There is currently a dance practice happening but I don't think I will go... not due to any objection to dancing.

I do apologize to anybody who may have tried to post a comment yesterday, until about 10 in the evening I did have this blog configured to only accept comments from members. This has been resolved and all comments are appreciated.

Today at 3 we have another practice seminar. This one is on liberal education, the reading for it was not of the same caliber as CS Lewis's but it should be easier to discuss. Later in the evening there is a freshman social and a movie. I'm going to ask around to see if anybody is interested in organizing a hike on Sunday afternoon.

A very considerate person (AKA my girlfriend Nicole) has been emailing me a condensed version of world news each morning. Its amazing how little the outside world enters into this school. This is a good thing, but I do like to keep up on things.

I finished the last practice tutorial before the program, and the grades, start. Todays discussion was highly successfull. We discussed the idea that the word "humanities" is missleading when applied to liberal arts. In as short of a summary as possible. liberal arts are liberating in that they study things which are not necessary. that is many of us study to survive, but liberal arts study things such as geomatry rather than mechanics, abstracts. (yesterday we read how CS Lewis sees benefit in this as it points us to God.) however humanities suggest an inward pointed idea of human centric observation. this limits us to man or subman understanding of ourselves, we ultimatly would decide that we can only explain ourselves as particles in a mass. this is decidedly unliberating. :) well that probably made no sense. you should all come to college here :-P

Thank you for reading and be sure to leave a comment.

Friday, August 18, 2006

day 1

Well, technicaly this is day 2. But its the first day of the blog. I am supposedly being oriented today. So far this has not been very involving, but I say this before the first class has taken place. The campus is amazing. My dorm is big, I'm rooming with my cousin and the weather has been perfect.

Our first class is starting in 1 hour and 12 minutes, its going to be a seminar on "learning in wartime" by C.S. Lewis. My favorite point he made in the article (which was origonaly a speach) was that man is constantly in a struggle between good and evil, every day the fate of his soul draws closer. Lewis points out that, in the face of that war is insignificant. He says instead how can we spend time learning trivial knowledge when our souls are being battled for. I will give you his conclusion once I have had time to reread the work.

Well, I'm off to study for it. I'll write in more later.

I'm back, the class was excelent. I have a person from scotland and a person from britain in my group for the year. Even if the discussion is ever boring their accents shall keep me entertained.
We covered a tremendous number of ideas and I am certain that they will all be discussed in more detail this evening in the common rooms. The most significant to me was the idea that learning, even pure untheological learning such as math or grammer, can ultimatly be done in faith for the glory of God, that is that he will use it to a good end. That is that any work can be offered as a "good work". The example we decided on was that a researcher looking into the big bang may on complete accident accredit the entire chapter of genesis.... I might not be making any sense. Suffice to say that the discussion was extreemly interesting and everybody should read "learning in wartime" which is a short item (6 small pages) written by C.S. Lewis and can be found in the book "wieght of glory".

Dinner in 8 minutes and then we will be attending a Sorrie at one of the chaplines houses. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment.