Saturday, December 09, 2006


freshmen actualy have it pretty easy as far as finals go. im only really worried about Philosophy, and a little about Lab. i understand lab, theres just alot of content to remember.

Theology shouldnt be hard, we dont have to be right, we just have to support ourselves and provide a complete arguement. its really a test to see if we know our way around the bible somewhat.

Seminar is a 15 minute oral exam. I'm actualy looking forward to that one. Mr. Goyette is an interesting guy to talk too.

Philosophy.......... sigh.... its not supposed to make sense i think. there is an abundance to remember. we already spent over 5 hours in study groups studying it and were only about 1/2 done with the review sheet. gonna be interesting. luckily its not till friday so we have lots more time.

Best of all by far though, we dont have math or latin finals :) next year, but not this year. YAY!

I thought that i would point out for those that know him that monarch (AKA Jeremy Graham [sorry if i mispelled your name]) has started posting again! For those who want to read (Which should be lots of you!)

and dont forget lucas's blog!

Well, i'll try and post again soonly. 6 days till christmas break!


Monarch said...

I envy your 15 minute oral exam and interesting teachers!!! Hey, you did spell my name right! Well done! Oh, and about that certain vengeful count, have you both finished reading his tale? And if you don't drop by and visit me over winter break I'll personally proceed to waltz on over to your colleges and reak havoc!!!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick!!! We can't wait for you to get home...all are missing you so much!!!Amelia's feet are still little and they do patter thru out the house. She made 22 xmas gifts last week now she must wrap them. We are studying christmas cookie recipies for the annual cookie exchange on the 20th...peppermint meringues and chewy molasass ginger seem to be the winners. Exams sound challanging and sort of fun.See you Saturday! Love mom