Thursday, February 15, 2007


for many reasons i say w00t! (definition)

First becuase lucas is coming to visit for a three day weekend. we plan on hiking and playing video games and my mother has sent me a box of candy that we will consume. this in all should be amazingly fun.

second because said weekend is a three day weekend. monday is off for presidents day and it sounds like the school has managed to get the presence of one of the presidential candidates for the upcoming election to come visit (and that should be interesting). im not sure which candidate, actualy i havent kept up on who the candidates are yet so i simply didnt recognize the name when it was said. more on that in some future post.

third, my parents have helped me sign up for taglit birthright israel, a foundation that sends people between the ages of 18 and 26 to israel. that would be amazingly cool. first because i have never made it outside the united states, second because its israel and third because its free (or almost free).

Oh, and another reason to say W00t! Nicole and i have been officialy going out for two years as of yesterday and I can't possibly take enough opportunities to say that she is the most wonderfull person. thanks colie :) hope its embarassing being on my blog :-p

hope you all have your own reasons to say W00t! cya round.


Anonymous said...

WOOt I am so glad that you put up a link for the definition of that word! I hope that we get a blog with all the details of your exciting weekend before Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh, thoroughly embarrassing, don't worry...;)