Monday, March 05, 2007

more papers!

seems like i just turned in my mather paper and i already have a latin paper due.

Sensie Leo was in a big tournament this weekend (7 different international teams attended) he took a first and a second place, both in sparring. He gave me the medals he won as thanks for helping him get ready (and possibly for not teaching class for over a month now ;) I told him he needs to get me a picture of the competition so i can make a "shrine of leo" if i ever open a martial arts school (which is most often done as a hobby anyways). im reading a book on the history of tia kwon do also. which dosnt mean that i spelled that right.
Ive been holding two seperate karate classes now so that the juniors (who have seminar at our normal time) can attend.

My mother and father are going to be absolutly addicted to the TV sieries im going to make them watch over spring break. House MD...

I have a brilliant plan to start an icecream shop on campus but i cant find an electric icecream machine for less than 180$ and i would have to bring my car up to be able to go shopping so i guess its not going to work. actualy i could probably pull it off without the car but i still have to find a cheaper machine. I made some great ice cream in a little metal bowl inside of a large bowl of ice though this sunday just for fun.

hope all my readers are doing well (although at this point im pretty convinced that my readers consist of my mother and my girlfriend, if somebody else still reads this leave a comment please!)

phone is buzzing so i need to sprint out of the library. ciao


Anonymous said...

But if you open an ice cream store I will have to come and visit...OFTEN! Mom

Anonymous said...

i still read. aunt marcia has a great i.c. recipe.luke wants to take karate. is it expensive? God bless, U.chris

Monarch said...

I still read, I've been out of town all week, but I read every post, just don't always have time to comment, and in the office its really easy to shirk work and read something on the computer, but if I start to type they know I'm shirking work. If you get my meaning.

Anonymous said...

Your martial arts enthusiasm has prompted me to relearn my Tai Chi. I dug out my diagrams, books, and tapes and am trying to get all 108 moves back into my brain so I can practice a bit.