Friday, August 24, 2007


It is friday, the first INSANE week of classes is over (more on the insanity later). And I have just finished installing a new screen on my new laptop. Anybody who ever wants a laptop and has the mechanical ability to take something fairly complex apart and put it back together without losing, breaking, misconnecting ect a sieries of wires should do this. 1.) search ebay for the term "broken LCD laptop" (word order mattering not this instance in) you should pay less than half of what the laptop is worth (in this case a laptop that retailed for $1449 a year ago cost $300, though shipping and insurance can add up to $40.) 2.) Buy a screen (i got mine also on ebay for 150 after shipping) 3.) put them together, viola great computer, less than $500. my project for next month is to try rebuilding the battery pack with generic Li-Ion cells, preferably 9 of them instead of 6.)

Ok, enough bragging about my completly brillaint computer plan and onto the update on school. the week was, as mentioned above, insane. Latin was the biggest cause of insanity, our quiz for the first week was composed entirely of translating english sentances to latin (which, for anybody who hasnt taken a langauge in a while, is much harder than translating from latin [or any second language] to english). other than that the week just involved alot of adjusting to new work schedules (and covering for people who hadnt yet adjusted to them, im already 4 hours ahead) learning how my new tutors work (some of them actualy frown at you when they like what your saying, im told there concentrating but its still disconcerting.) catching up with everybodies summer (on a campus of only 400 people this would seem sorta easy, but we know eachother pretty well, i think i know what 200 of those people did this summer by now.) there was a lecture this evening (friday), math, lab, and philosphy all seem too overlap this year.

well, this is a little spastic and im running out of battery power (it did seem to last about 5 hours)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick!

Glad to be back with the"Blog of Patrick's Life" is as always, very informative.We love hearing the day to day DETAILS...I got an "A" in my first graduate level college course..."YES"!!!! It's all the good school example you have shown me the past zillion years. Mr Wellhouse and Brandon say "hi" Love, Mom