Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, this is back to back with another post but I didn't want them to get confused.

School has been really great so far. Most of my classes are both interesting and about the right level of challenging. The exception is Latin. So far in 4 classes we have had 3 quizzes. Of the one of these I got back I barely managed to scrape a C (actually, I got a D, I had to talk to the teacher afterwards and point out that she marked things off that weren't really wrong to get it to a C.) Were still in the review, which means were moving extremely fast but in theory over all things I should already know. this would be the case (I perfected the section on the quiz devoted to translating from Latin into English.) except that the majority of questions (completely unlike last year, which is the extent of Latin I have ever taken) are translating from English to Latin. I'm not really sure how that will resolve.

Work is a blast, my favorite chef is gone but the kitchen is still a good place to work. I have a very different work schedule from last year (In which I had very short shifts, 2-3.5 hours, 6 days a week) to longer shifts (4-5 hours) about every other day. I don't think our new chef will last out his first week, somebody already ran into his $30,000 Mercedes in the parking lot and he got sick and he is only on day 3.

My rebuilt laptop is very pretty but completely useless as I wait for the power cord to ship. I contacted the seller and he says his paper says its scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Once i have that it will be ever so much easier to update my blog since i will be able to do it from the coffee shop (which is open almost all day, and most of the night. and were i can use my own computer on one of 10 jacks) instead of having to go to the library (which is not open almost all day, and closes at 11 or 5 depending on the night. were i have to use one of 5 school computers)

Im planning on starting my martial arts club here again soon, there are at least 3 new students interested. All of which have there blackbelts in various arts. I might have to do a jump start class for new beginners to catch up somewhat with my students from last year.

I turn 20 on Wednsay. Not really sure what my thoughts on no longer being a "teen" are. I keep thinking that somehow I had imagined myself as having a car at this point, I think I'm glad I don't have to bother with one though.

well, the line is forming for the computers, gotta go. Ciao


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