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Helium Article: Laptop Buying Tips

self explanatory.

A decent Laptop usually costs upwards of a thousand dollars. However, with the smallest amount of extra effort, a screwdriver and the ability to plug two plugs together,you can get a great laptop at less than half that price. Here is how: *

The brief:
Buy a laptop in which the LCD panel has been damaged but the laptop is intact, and then replace the screen. Doing this I recently purchased a laptop that costs $1440 in stores for less than $500.

The details:
1.) Go to an online Retailer like Ebay and do a search for something like "Laptop Broken LCD" or "Laptop broken screen". Shop around at a few different sites to find the cheapest you can get the specification you want. Some buying tips. Make sure your laptop is listed as working other than the broken screen. Look to see if the power adapter and battery is included. Remember that the cost of the LCD and shipping will add between $150 and $300 so spend accordingly.

2.) Once you have successfully finished purchasing the laptop go too or any other online retailer of LCD panels and look for your model number. Don't buy the screen from that site though, you will pay double whats its worth.

3.) Take down the model number of the LCD screen you need from the site and go back to ebay or any other online super retailer. Look for that model number until you find the best deal you think you can.

4.) Once you get your screen you need to install it. Remove the battery and power cord from the laptop and make sure you are grounded by touching a piece of something large and metal. Now, carefully remove the plastic from around the broken panel. (this usually involves four or more screws, often located under plastic caps which can be easily removed.) Once you have removed the plastic frame gently pull the broken LCD away from the backing, it might be fastened slightly by some adhesive but pull slowly and steadily and it will come away. There should be two cords attached. One larger at the top and one smaller at the bottom. The larger one supplies the picture while the smaller supplies the voltage needed to run the backlight. Both cord should pull out fairly easily. observe the orientation of the ends. Now the old screen should be completely removed. To put in the new screen you simply do the same thing in reverse. Take any plastic wrap off the new LCD. Place it in the same location as the old. Insert the two cords in the same orientation they were in in the old panel. Replace the plastic Paneling and screw everything back together securely.

5.) Thats it, you have a working laptop for much less than it would normally cost. Good luck!

* If your replacing an old laptop because the screen is broken your in luck. Simply skip the first step and your laptop should be back in working order for around $200. Thats about $300 less than a repair shop would charge.

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