Friday, September 14, 2007

oh the bourocracy

So last week I pulled a comdial phone out of a box.... all such phones have to be inventoried by mr. collins because there being sold as a lot. so i took it to his office. he wasnt there, so i wrote down the seirial number and a note and left it there, took it to the other side of campus and put it into storage. the next day he showed up at my office and asked about the phone, i showed him were it was found and explained to the best of my knowledge how it got there (since this was before i started working in IT) he had enough information so he left. so today i get a memo in my box saying "mr. collins needs more information about the phone, please see him." so i figure, i dont know anything more about the phone so i go dig it out of the storage areas and bring it to his office; where he is very confused to see me again, i show him the memo and he starts laughing..... this is because the memo is a result of him asking his secretary to write me a memo in the 18 hours between when i left the note and he came to ask about it. the memo just happened to take 5 days to get to me.... moral of the story, im never responding to anything quickly again ;)

on the upside David six and i are thinking of making some custom electronics for fun. more on that later.

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