Monday, June 02, 2008

Shameless nespotism

I thought I would put a plug in for my brother's new album. He plays with the band Romak and the space pirates.

There are playable versions of their songs there as well as a link to buy there album. It's a bargain at 12$ and it comes in an awesome format. Namely, it comes as a USB armband with the album title printed on it. the armband snaps open to allow you to plug it in, as any USB flash drive and it has over 400MB free space for you to used for whatever you see fit over and above the songs, album art, movies, and lyrics that comes preloaded on it.

(Profanity warning)

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Jeremy Graham said...

okay so their banner ad flashes headache like there is no tomorrow, which means you need to post another post so its not the first thing I see when I get on your website. We need to play dota again, I fear that last bout reflected poorly upon me and I need a chance at redemption.