Sunday, June 01, 2008

Why I'm holding out on replacing my phone.

Sophomore year of high school, my friends Lucas, Jeremy, and I were talking about palm pilots. We all agreed that the whole market was moving to smart phones (to my own dismay, dedicated palm pilots would still have application if they were being produced) and further that apple would inevitably get in on this market (The iphone was of course announced 3 years later).
About a year later, rumors were flying that google was making its own operating system. Lucas and I discussed how cool it would be if it was a mobile operating system based on the same slimmed down functional design that made googles home page dominate search engines everywhere.
For those of you who haven't been following this ... ANDROID.


Sir Nicholai said...

In case you're wondering how long it'll be before Patrick gets a new phone, I direct you to this link

patrick said...

1.) good things are worth waiting for.
2.) What is the Gphone? Google has said repeatedly that they are not producing any hardware to go with Android. Even if they are making a "G-phone" I'm waiting on Android, not there handset.
3.) My phone is almost 4 years old. ive had it for over 2. i think it will survive another 6-12 months.
4.) That was a post on a minor page about a rumor from an unannounced source.... my couch told me the g-phone would come out this Christmas....