Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I do not use that word for the negative conotations that it brings. Rather, I am beggining to see the most amusingly secretive, yet very positive, note in many science papers of the last 70 years.

What I observe is the random capitolization of words such as "Justice" "Reason" "Order". These occur in sentances such as "through the precise allocation of these hive cells; a certain Order is observed in nature". There could be some gramatic reason for that that I am not aware of. However, how I read this is to make these words proper nouns. My conclusion is: If we can say that God is such things as Love, Hope, Truth, ect, then by capitolizing these words in such a sentance you direct atention to him and the inherent role he plays in these scientific fields. I realize that it would be better to come out and say that you can see the work of God in these things, but this would be somewhat out of place in many of these documents. Just a random thought.

I had fun in science class by trying to think of a good analogy for how nature could be directed by reason without having reason. my first attempt was to say that its like a man who purposfull goes to sleep. he was reasoning when he chose to go to sleep therefore all the reactions that follow from it are "from reason". my classmates didnt like this very much because they said that there wasnt anything clearly happening (arguable, but i had another example). a person who wants to raise there heart rate would exercise. there heart dosnt beat faster because of reason, but through reason.
In order to follow that and find it at all insitefull you might have to have read the text, you may even have to have sat through some of the discussion. (the article name is "the lifeless world of boilogy and was definitly worth reading; it is available here the point that was made was that in the same way that a statue is made teolologicaly (coming about from its own end), that is that the sculptor has the idea of the statue (the form) and makes the statue (also the form) from it, nature can be ordered to a purpose if some higher mind holds the form before it incarnates, regardless of weather it comes about from natural systems or not. that was a horrible explenation though so i suggest you read the article.

well, im making little sense so i think i will go.

84% on my latin quiz (much higher than i expected, still not an A.)

This sunday one of our tutors is hosting a dinner (Mr. clark, who was a college basketball champion, lawyer,professional opera singer, world famous historian (he was invited to paris earlier this year [and went] to date [determine the date of origin] of a manuscript) wine afficinado and now of course, tutor. in that order. definitly an interesting person, im looking forward to getting to talk to him durring the dinner.


Anonymous said...

You guys have some interesting discussions. i like your theory about the science writings (though i'm not sure if all of them had that in mind, lol). very sneaky.
see, i read your blog and you only had to tell me twice :P Aren't you proud?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am not sure if I am too slow to follow all your discussions!Maybe I should go0 back to college? Mom

Lucas said...

can we say "over qualified", I’m mean there are people who which they had half that talent.

also, with the reason in nature deal, Lewis makes a good point when he says that in the only case we should expect to directly notice the will of God in our reality, we do notice it. in the human conscience.