Thursday, October 19, 2006

im still here

sorry for the long absence. we got really busy for a while and then really unbusy for a while. during the former i had no time to write and during the later i had nothing to write about.

today i read an article on how pidgins home. or rather how they find there way home (very interesting combination of magnetic perception, sun position [with time of day compensation] and something they hadnt decided yet in the late 70's when the article was written. im sure they have now but i havent looked it up yet.) also an article about the infra red receptors that snakes have, and finaly an article about how some fish use a magnetic field generated at there tail and running ot there nose to navigate. it was all pretty interesting stuff.

i had don rags earlier this week. my teachers all had nice things to say and suggestions for improvement.

there was the biggest lan party i have ever been too two nights ago, 22 people with there computers in 3 rooms playing against eachother. it was quite fun, I played till 2:00 AM, some people played all night (till 7:00 in the morning)

today we rearanged the furniture in the lounge in our dorm, its much better now.

the person sitting next to me is looking at a picture of a toddler licking the snout on a big old hairy pig. ew.

i have to write a 1200 word paper determing weather penelope's greating of odysseus in the oddysy was fitting or not this weekend. fun fun.

well, i hope everybody is well. if anybody is interested in a T-Shirt that says "i dont believe in aitheists." (and i will check the spelling before making them) let me know, they are 17$ apiece and i cant print them unless i get at least 10 people who want one.


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