Friday, October 20, 2006

its just like being a super hero

only with no special powers.....

explenation: I accidentaly slaughtered the enitre dorm at about 3 different video games over the last month. now they expect me to and its just too stressfull ;) oh well, i'll just have to get lucas up here to beat me at CS sometime so i can regain a sense of humblness :)

there is a lecture on russian music tonight. there is a rumor that there will be actual demonstraitions of this music but these are unconfirmed.

I spent the day in classes, or fixing a laptop that dosnt want to be fixed (my cousin rebekas to be exact), reading greek tragedies and eating pizza. all in all a good day.

well, thank you to all my loyal fans ;) who kept checking even though i missed an entire week of blogging. hopefull i shall be more consistant for a while.


Anonymous said...

good job patrick.your enthusiasm is infectious. keep writing ,Uncle chris.

Anonymous said...

yeesh patrick, when i finally check in on your blog you haven't written for over a week. tsk tsk ;) I know you're pretty busy though. keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Alright, it is the middle of November I guess that we are never going to finish the story of your life...well,... I just want you to know that I for one miss your bloggs.M