Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eclesiasties, Job?

Early in the year a couple of people heard that the theology program at TAC starts by reading eclesiasties (followed by Job). They found this perplexing and were wondering if I knew the reason why. I didnt at the time and I still dont have an official answer. However, I have been thinking about it recently and I think I have a decent idea. Job would make some small amount of sense to start with since many scholars argue that it is, based on time of writing, the oldest book in the bible. This dosnt work for eclesiasties however. My theory is this: There first becuase there confusing.


Yup. Theres a reasoning behind this that is more sound than you might think. No decent investigation is ever made by people who are certain they already know the answers. Eclesiasties and Job both say things in them that at first (and third, and fourth, and fifth...) reading seem to be contrary to some of our views of God and salvation and mans role in the universe. Readin these chapters first puts us into the state a state of mind that is receptive to looking for new understanding; AKA, confusion. Dont believe me? read them back to back.

Hope that makes sense to somebody besides just me. Thanks to all of you who are still reading after my long unblogging period.



Anonymous said...

Your theory makes sense to me...starts all your brains off with a bang! M.

Monarch said...

Well, Job happens to be my favorite book in the bible, and Eclesiasties has always made a lot of sense to me, but I can see where your coming from, biggest problem with Job is recognizing that all the stuff that his friends say, though it sounds good, is twisted. But your theory is probably true!

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