Thursday, November 16, 2006

really old shirt

well, the subject might infer I dont have much to say............. and this is true. I was thinking about how old the shirt I was wearing today is (all sorts of new shirst and i still wear that one, I simply like it) as far as i can figure ive had it since i was 11, which makes it 8 years old.

in much more significant news, the ceiling of the current chapel (not the one their building) has been proclaimed structuraly unsound and all masses are being held in the library for the next 2 weeks.

I finished making plans for thanksgiving on this end (that being the school: namely making sure my work study wont miss me and procuring tranportation to and from the trainstation for the three of us). cant wait to see everybody in San Diego, this is the longest amount of time lucas and i havent played video games together in the last 10 years at least ;)

were reading Galen's "On the natural faculties" in science this week, he reads like something of a cross between an abnoxious salesman, a frustrated teacher and a spoiled little kid. its painfull to say the least. and worse, the topic is an arguement that the kidneys have an inate atraction to urine in order to draw it out of the blood. complete with graphic explenations of the disection of living creatures urinary tracts. yay.

I formated my computers hardrive and rienstalled windows, everybody should do that on a yearly basis (which does require having a data drive seperate from your OS drive) it runs so much better afterwards.

yup, thats all for today, off to do latin homework.


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