Monday, November 13, 2006


Yes, I'm still alive. Sorry to anybody who is still checking this. I would like to post more often but I have been very busy lately (cant believe there are only 3 weeks left in the symester) and I hardly ever make it to the library anymore.

some catching up. I dressed up as burnam wood for holloween ( in mcbeth there is a line that goes something like 'mcbeth shall not die till burnam wood come to dunsinain) so three of us got branches and signs that said "dunsinain or bust".

we had an "algebra enabling exam" a while ago, i dont see why they call it enabling since you have to know enough algebra to do calculus to pass it, thats pretty much the end of algebra for most people... algebra concluding exam. it wasnt that hard though since i took an algebra heavy math class last year. i feel sorry for the poeple who have been out of highschool for 1-3 years. that would be hard. they havnt gotten the grades on those back to us yet.

we also had a paper on the Odyssey. havent gotten the grades on those back either (teachers are busy too, lol)

Martial arts club is going well (i have to leave for it in 4 minutes) we had 9 students last monday. were down to one night a week though. (did i mention everybody is very busy?)

we have another paper due (assigned exactly 8 hours after the last one was due, due thanksgiving weekend) theology.

my cousins jack, rebeka and I are going to my house for thanksgiving weekend. its going to be even more busy after that. we have from wednsay to sunday off (from work study too! yay!) and then we have school monday-thursday. friday is off for the feast of the immaculate conception and next week is exams. after that its christmas break and were all official 1/8th done with our undergrads, wow this is going fast. (because were all so busy!)

well, i have to run, please dont loose hope! i'll post again soon!


P.s. I did 2 math props in a row today!!


Mr.C said...

Yep! Still reading! :-)
Clever costume idea!
And... Ever hear of Linear Algebra?
Hehe... There's always a little bit more! :-D

Anonymous said...

I am still reading also! I knew that your blogs would slow down but i did miss them:( Mom

Monarch said...

Wow, either "so three of us got branches and signs that said "dunsinain or bust"." is truly funny, or I really am a literary minded kind of guy. Mrs. White did something to me, because that line made me laugh, Macbeth......