Friday, October 12, 2007

I Blog, Therefore (my family knows how) I am


So I didn't blog for a while. Most of that time was due to my laptop being broken (because i dropped it and the hard drive crashed) [luckily hard drives have good warranties that say something along the lines of "impacts of less than 50G should not break this drive" and therefore it was replaced with a net expenditure of 2.32$ shipping and handling for me.] I finally got it working again last Thursday. Since that time i have been either traveling too or from san diego, at san diego, or trying to catch up on the homework that i didnt get done due to going to san diego (which i have almost done) [ok, actualy i was behind before i left].

For those of you who haven't heard my tale of woe. Don't let the following mislead you, going home was, and always is, a blast. I forget how much i miss everybody until i see them again. However, the train ride there..... well..... heres a timeline:

4:15 Left campus
5:00 Arrived and bought ticket for 5:20 train
5:50 train actual arrival time
6:15 Conductor announces that a train is stuck on the tracks ahead of us
9:00 train is finaly cleared and we begin to move (yes, almost 3 hours)
9:20 Rail switch is broken, frustrated conductor "fixes" it with a sledge hammer
1:20 Power is out for a stretch of track, lack of visibility forces us to slow down
2:00 Arrive at san diego station on the 10:20 arrival train.

As mentioned above though, San Diego was a blast. My trip was scheduled around Nicole's birthday (and the 3 day weekend for Columbus day). I went with Nicole and her family to see The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. I was shocked to see how small the scrolls were, but the exhibit was really interesting. Other than that I ate alot and saw Nicole alot and went to church with my family and in general it was a very good trip. Even got my seminar reading done (on duties by Cicero)

Anyhow, I should at least be posting on the weekends from now on, I'm going to be more careful with my laptop. Remember, i dont know you were here unless you leave a comment. At some point i will figure out a How-To on having atomizer email you when i post so my irregular postings wont leave you checking endlessly with no updates. Thanks for reading!

-Patrick Shechet


Anonymous said...

Love the title of this blog...and yes! we do check many, many times a week to hear what is happening to you at TAC.

Love Mom and Dad

Monarch said...

The conductor using a sledgehammer sounds almost worth the delay!

John said...

This is your uncle John. I really like reading your blog, since I rarely hear from your cousin Jack. Anyway, show Jack how to set one of these up. I really enjoy reading your blog. However, after reading this latest post, recall that I am a conductor for the railroad. It is a thankless job. Stay in school, and keep up with this blog. Tell my Son hello... Love you, Your Uncle John

Anonymous said...

patrick, i am reading too. thanks for letting me use your room with uncle keith the other month. ex animo,chris

Jessica said...

You! More blogging required, now. It often feels like some people don't exist if you don't hear from them.