Saturday, October 27, 2007

The golden compass

I hear the movie is watered down. I hear the books are outright anti God. I see a problem.

I hate it when people take things on hearsay. Yah, I know its probably better safe than sorry. When I hear thousands of people who have never read the books complaining about the problems with harry potter it just bothers me.

Thats just the beginning though. Heres a bigger problem with this movie (the golden compass). I really believe its linked with principles i strongly detest. How can i both boycott it and be well informed at the same time? theres no way on earth i can be qualified to renounce this movie without seeing it. and if i see it then i add one more number to there opening box office total. even if i just rent it i later i still boost there ratings.

I have a way around this, i wont mention it here but most of you will figure it out. its still a problem though.

another problem is how much attention even a boycott gets something like this. take harry potter for example again. i never would have known what it was till people started complaining about how bad it was. then i read it.... i still cant see the problem. i might be able too. if somebody who had read it was willing to explain it to me. but all the people who would like to explain how evil it is to me havnt actualy read it.

bottom line is... i wish people wouldn't try to be knowledgeable on things they havn't seen, maybe urge caution, but don't try to announce to the world what you shouldn't see it. just send them all to go see Bella.

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