Saturday, October 27, 2007

a spree of blogs

I figure if I post a bunch of posts while I'm sitting here it will look like I've been posting more regularly. So here is the update on all things TAC:

*latin and math are still hard. latin is really hard.

*Annie hurt her back, she has been in a wheelchair for a week now. Jack pushes her to all her classes.

* we get the day after holloween off! (all saints day)

*did i mention latin is really hard?

*we start discussing predestination in theology this week so i expect that to be interesting.

* latin is really hard.

thats about it. thanks to all the people who left comments, thats what got these posts up here.

P.s. Good luck to anybody near a fire, i know its late but i hope the smoke didnt get to any of you too badly and that everybody is safe.


Jessica said...

Good luck in Latin. Right now I'm about freaking out, because I don't want to think about all the catch-up work my professors are going to assign, given that we had a whole week of non-existent classes. Doesn't make me happy.

Allan said...

Latin strikes me as a form of punishment for being smart. Stupid people don't ever have to study Latin in College.

I like your dilemma regarding disapproval of something not read or seen based on other's opinions. The problem is much greater than it seems - it applies to much of our lives.

I saw an ad in the MENSA magazine that said "Don't vote if you don't care enough to learn the issues - you only dilute the informed voter's impact."

Can we ever really "know" what is right? Are we sure someone elses belief is incorrect? Are the terrorists wrong or do we just dislike their conclusions? How do you know? (Whichever way you answered.)

So, I'm very curious what you will learn about predestination.