Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here is the deal with GPUs

OK, another out of place post, this is for my gaming friends. It's not said very clearly so ill put it here. When it comes down to it a midrange card with 512MB memory will MAX the graphics on everything but crysis. Were talking the sub $200: the 9600, 8800gt, 3870 or OCed 3850s. The only reason for more memory, a faster clock, or SLI/crossfire is to put out huge resolutions (which wont do you a lick of good unless you have a monitor that supports them). So there you have it.

Oh, and AMD's 5000+ black edition is more CPU power than we really need for gaming (over clocked to 3.2gzh of course, which is a piece of cake since it has an unlocked multiplier.) all that at sub 100$ too.

Basically, this is the first time that i can remember when its really not that attractive to dump more than $500 into a computer, you just wouldn't notice.

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