Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the plan

I have two years left at TAC, but I spent some time looking into grad programs. I'm really interested in UCLA's joint MBA/JD program. Both the Anderson school of business and the law school are high rated (which is going to make it hard to get in) some rankings i ran across:

  • "Amongst national law school rankings UCLA Law School is ranked 13th by the Gourman Report, 14th by the Insider’s Guide and Educational Quality Rankings and 16th by U.S. News law school rankings."
  • "In BusinessWeek’s recently released 2004 biennial rankings of MBA programs, UCLA Anderson’s professors were rated number one."
  • "UCLA Anderson School of Management was among five U.S. universities whose faculties ranked among the top 30 in all eight academic disciplines. These schools were, in alphabetical order, Chicago, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and UCLA.
The things I have to look into now are admissions (I will have met all of the prerequisites for both schools upon completion of the TAC program) especially the fact that I need to do very well on the GMAT and LSAT just to have a chance of getting in (I would have to be independently accepted at both schools to qualify for the joint degree). And tuition. I'm not sure but I ran across indications that i would not pay the full tuition at both schools all four years (which is good because it would come out to $216,000.00) " As a public institution, UCLA charges fees and non-resident tuition that are relatively low. The Law School does charge a professional school fee, however; and it will apply to three of the four years of the joint degree program." ($27,000*3yrs=$81,000 yikes!)
The lowest it would seem to be would be $108,000 which is a sizable sum. Ill start buying lottery tickets.
On the upside, the course work (which as a joint degree would normally be considered pretty heavy, only represents a total of 120 classroom hours, the TAC program is 146, so I imagine i would not be overloaded with the work load.

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