Saturday, April 12, 2008

wind up for the wind down.

So its been ages since i blogged (well, i posted twice today, but before that). The school years almost over and theres a huge gap in what i've done. Latin got a lot easier after first semester when we finished wheelock. It may teach latin but i will forever hate that book. In any case, when we got into translating texts instead of dreary textbook work, it turns out im not really the bottom of the class, actually i can read most the texts we've done this semester in real time. I also had a decent time writing my latin paper, which i might just put up as its own post.

Augustin's "Confessions" is my favorite nonfiction book of all time. its absolutely amazing. I wont even try to explain it. just read it, its well worth while.

My other classes have been pretty much the same. good. as always.

I bolted after seminar last week to go see a yellowcard concert in ventura. They had a cello, voilin, and two classical guitars. Other than that they sound like jimmy eat world. (well, they do live, i have heard them on CD since and they just dont sound as good that way).

The above led to the amusing event of telling my prefect that i broke curfew (which aparently does not happen very often because he almost fell over.) as i knew i would, i got to return to my job in the kitchen for an hour (joy.) it was worth it though, as i knew it would be when i decided to go.

There is a play tonight. Shakespear's as you like it. I plan on going.

I also have a philosophy paper to write. due in 8 days. and after that there are just two short weeks to finals. ill be home sometime around may 10th.

I still stay up at night dreaming of virtual reality displays. the company that i was ranting about (Icuiti) last year has renamed itself "Vuzix". Their displays remain largely unchanged (though they now offer vision enhancement units for the visually impaired) Someday i will have $400 to spend on an absolutely awesome toy like that.

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Jeremy Graham said...

May 10th, thats a great time to come back. I get off of school May 9th, I love the long summer prospects. I'm not going back to PLNU next semester, way too expensive... so I might get four months! Oh btw, I have a new blog. URL is with the name.