Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finals, day 2

Day one consisted of latin. Which was alot easier than i thought it would be. Studying 2-3 hours 4 times a week first semester paid off. I can more or less read martin of denmark or thomas aquinas in latin. well, read at about the level i could read english at in 4th grade, but that is sufficiant. I think ill learn esperanto now that im done with latin. (oh yah, IM DONE WITH LATIN FOREVER!!!!) [unless i failed somehow...]

tomorrow i have theology, im about to go study that further with paul but i already put in over 4 hours on my own and four hours with brain hong so im pretty good for that.

the next day however, is math, and before then i need to learn 8 props, remember everything keplar proved about the heavens and come up with some encompassing thesis as to what a conic section is, and lots of little things about the proportions of their parts and the squares on them. evil.

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Lucas said...

best of luck with theology and good job on Latin. I'm actually studying for my Greek midterm in the morning right now. are you done after this week???