Friday, May 02, 2008

" you've got way too much time on your hands...."

The funny thing is that I don't. I wrote that blog last night (well this morning) at about 3:30AM. I just find it easier to just write these things down and then be able to sleep. Really i think i just think about useless things too much.


Lucas said...

We all have inane thoughts, most of us just don't write them down. also, in regards to speeding, ppl's minds are squishy forgetful things so if their world view doesn't support a given action they will be swayed but smaller conveniences(like getting there on time).

P.S. We all know you flout copyright law on a regular basis so don't go telling us about the virtues of following laws cause they're laws.

Jeremy said...

Lucas, getting there on time is not a smaller convenience! It is the only purpose of driving! Otherwise I'd walk, cheaper and healthier.