Thursday, May 01, 2008

Random Thoughts

My mind, as my blog might indicate, usually doesn't run in what would be considered a strait line. This usually manifests itself in the completely unrelated nature of most my posts. Tonight, its going to come out in the unrelated nature of these five bullet points.

  • This guy is crazy:

  • People spend way to much time celebrating Christmas (don't get me wrong, Most of my fondest memories of family and friends involve the times around Christmas, i mean as a religious holiday) Not that Christ's birth is insignificant but we boil it down to nice comfortable societal symbols of worldly good.... quaint little towns, young spouses working hard through there early years, laughing babies. These may be iconic, they even have their own special "good" attached to them, but we missed the part about the incarnation. if were too busy thinking about Christs arrival in terms of human things, parents, birth, ect... what happened to the absolutely amazing unhumanly human nature of the incarnation? God becomes man... and we focus on where he was born.
  • Replies on my blog are always appreciated (emails are too, but its nice when you can post something on here)
  • There is a critical flaw in our concept of "protecting" our laptops. We throw them into a nice big cooshy bag. While this does a decent job of protecting them from scratches and especially those little jostles that walking always entails, it does another very undesirable thing. It insulates them. Heat is probably your batteries worst nightmare. Li-Ion batteries especially (and there is a 99% certainty that this is the kind you've got.) can't stand heat. one high heat minute (aka, use your laptop for an intensive task on battery power, like watching a video, throw it into your bag and zip it into the nice little insulutive bubble.) and your battery life will almost certainly suffer. I want to see designers take this into account, its not hard to incorporate mesh into a laptop case, even padded mesh. If not, at least a warning would be nice, most computer users have no idea how there battery works.
  • The dignity of running away is proportional to how scary the thing is behind you.
And thats more or less my thoughts for the evening. Valete.

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