Monday, May 05, 2008

Finals Day Three

Theology was delicious. I had such a blast writing the essays.

The final consisted of three questions:

1.) According to St. Augustine what is the relationship between the city of God and the City of the earth? According to this how should a Christian live?

2.) Anselm says “you must first believe so that you may understand, for if you do not first believe, you will not understand” How does this statement reflect the argument in the Proslogion?

3.) (this is a quote from one of the more modern encyclicals but I can’t remember which) (well, not really a quote because it’s off the top of my head and thus not exact) “Christ in his perfection showed man mans own nature and its ultimate end” in what way do St. Augustine and St. Thomas show this in their writings?

I would try and recreate my answers but it would just take too long. Cool questions though. Only took 2 hours too so that’s good (we had 3 if we needed it.)

Now to study for math like crazy till tomorrow, after that I can relax a little bit. Seminar is always fun and there really isn’t much in the way of studying one could do for it. Lab shouldn’t be too much of a problem for me since its one of my better subjects. So that leaves philosophy but three days should be more than enough time to study for it. If I survive learning 8 props that is.

Thank you to Lucas and Nicole for the good luck wishes.

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