Monday, August 28, 2006

Day..... I have lost count already.

Sorry to have such a big gap between posts. I got very busy. Friday nights lecture ran 2 and a half hours, following that we had a bit of a party in the dorm.... that ran untill 4AM, needless to say we slept late saturday. And no, i dont plan on making a habit of that. saturday at 12 i had work, followed by a all school tug-o-war (which i actualy avoided, knowing that it would result in an atack upon the freshmen by the upper classes.) That evening my uncle Dan showed up and we all went to sushi. It was entirely delicious. Sunday we (Jack and I) went to church and then worked furiously to finish our homework because Tiana had dictated that she was taking me out for my birthday that night and nothing i could say would dissaud her. The homework was successfully finished (although my teachers have remedied that today) and dinner was both fun and tasty. we went to an indian resturant (the 4 ziglinski cousins and 7 of tianas friends). everybody was very nice and the food was good. i will post a picture of it on photobucket when i get a chance (aka next summer).
Mondays are not a happy schedule. I got up at 7, went and had a cup of coffee and reviewed my assignent (which i had finished reading! let there be no doubt), went to language till 11, went strait to a 2 hour pot washing shift in the kitchen, back to the dorm to change into presentable (not soaked) clothes (the pots are big, and washing inevitably gets them wet, its all a rather damp business). Enjoyed a leasurely 15 minute lunch so I could rush back and go over the propositions for math one last time. went to philosophy and then to math. Philosophy i am thankfull ahead of in the homework. For math however I have 5 props to learn ( these are not short nor easy matters.) so i am very glad to have tomorrow morning off (which is when i shall be sleeping, as i would much rather study late into the night.) I find out sometime in the next couple of hours weather or not i have remedial writing courses. that will simply put my schedule over the top, and latin hasnt started yet. i have another kitchen shift in an hour so im going to go find out who im supposed to give this paperwork i have been holding onto for a week to. WOOHOO!!! for the people who started college today. (SDSU people... you know who you are.)
To those who have commented on my spelling, I refuse to spellcheck my blogg. It's mine, get your own, there free.

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Anonymous said...

I cut a guy out of a car with the J.O.L. whose foot was caught behind the driver's seat,twisted in an impossible angle. Then we got fuel and 02. Then we ate ribs.
Later, I heard a guy describe rock music as a piano built from hard woods; carved, bent, formed and placed under strained wires with hammers arranged to strike blows to the same. All this violent potency and tension to achieve the soothing effect of tones pleasing to the ear. Then we put out a kitchen skillet with a water can and wrapped up the lady's burnt hand. Nine more hours to go.Ahhh, the benefits of a liberal education.