Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Im 19!

I'm currently wearing a shirt that I have had since I was 10. For those in the know, its the one thatIi wore in all my student ID's in highschool.
I spent two hours last night and two hours this morning trying to figure out the math, and I finaly get it I think.
I'm getting a back log of emails to reply too, so if you are reading this and I havent gotten back to you, im really sorry.
Well, I gotta run: Lunch,work,philosophy, math, break, dinner, seminar, homework. Talk to you all later.

:) Tiana gave me a giant bucket of ice cream (5 gallons?), to share of course, and my friends nick and David, playing off a nick name i have managed to get already (sherbert) got me two cartons of the same. so about 100 people (literaly) crammed into the coffee shop and sang me happy birthday and we all ate ice cream. i have a picture that i will definitly post up when i get it of me with a sign that says "=" and a carton of sherbert. reading "patrick = sherbert". Oh, and my parents gave me every condiment known to mankind as well as varied snack foods, mints and chocolate. i dont have room on my shelf in the dorm for anymore as it is filled with Tea (from nicole and the colvins.) and various foods either brought or gained while here. Thanks everybody.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Love Mom, Dad ,Taylor ,Ben ,Evan, Miriam and Amelia