Friday, August 18, 2006

day 1

Well, technicaly this is day 2. But its the first day of the blog. I am supposedly being oriented today. So far this has not been very involving, but I say this before the first class has taken place. The campus is amazing. My dorm is big, I'm rooming with my cousin and the weather has been perfect.

Our first class is starting in 1 hour and 12 minutes, its going to be a seminar on "learning in wartime" by C.S. Lewis. My favorite point he made in the article (which was origonaly a speach) was that man is constantly in a struggle between good and evil, every day the fate of his soul draws closer. Lewis points out that, in the face of that war is insignificant. He says instead how can we spend time learning trivial knowledge when our souls are being battled for. I will give you his conclusion once I have had time to reread the work.

Well, I'm off to study for it. I'll write in more later.

I'm back, the class was excelent. I have a person from scotland and a person from britain in my group for the year. Even if the discussion is ever boring their accents shall keep me entertained.
We covered a tremendous number of ideas and I am certain that they will all be discussed in more detail this evening in the common rooms. The most significant to me was the idea that learning, even pure untheological learning such as math or grammer, can ultimatly be done in faith for the glory of God, that is that he will use it to a good end. That is that any work can be offered as a "good work". The example we decided on was that a researcher looking into the big bang may on complete accident accredit the entire chapter of genesis.... I might not be making any sense. Suffice to say that the discussion was extreemly interesting and everybody should read "learning in wartime" which is a short item (6 small pages) written by C.S. Lewis and can be found in the book "wieght of glory".

Dinner in 8 minutes and then we will be attending a Sorrie at one of the chaplines houses. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment.


patrick said...

Dear Patrick,

We are so excited and proud as you start your journey into the adult world of higher learning...all else in your life has just been a preparation for this wonderful and intense!!!I am a lucky mother to have a kid who will take the time to share this fabulous experiece. Parents do live vicariously you know...we miss you already. Karen Alm, Aunt Jenny , Aunt Kristine and I all went to the lake and shared a bottle of bubbly in yours, Beccas and Jacks honor. We gave toasts and said prayers for your success.Don't forget to put the Colvins on your blog Love Mom

mom said...

Hi I have my own account now you don't have to have blogs posted from yourself to yourself!!! I am Patricks mom!

Skratchy said...

To comments so far, and they're both from mom? Good thing I'm here. Congrats on completing your first 24 hours on campus as an official college student. It doesn't get much more illustrious after that. But it shall be fun, and with your cousin being your dormmate, it'll be either very much fun or you'll go very much insane.

Do keep us updated on the people in your group with the accents. Accents are glorious.