Wednesday, August 23, 2006

day 6

Just got finished with math. Still have a writing test tonight from 7:00 to 9:00. No pressure but if I fail I have to take 6 weeks of intensive writing class. fun fun.

So we actualy got to the discussion of Fabre today. It was far more interesting than I could have possibly imagined. The silk worms were interesting in themselves but the clear mindedness with which Fabre goes about observing the insect world and the way he manages to see the order of the universe in it is amazing. I think that he makes one of the strongest arguements for inteligent design possible and that isnt even his purpose.

I'm hosting a sort of anti smoking campiagn on campus. I'm not really bothering the people who do currently smoke except to remind them that its a major health risk when they flaunt it. (and myself and others make a point of getting up and leaving any area where a cigerette is lit, for our own health as well as to make a point. it really does smell bad) My main goal is to counter the pro smoking feel that is given by some of the the other students. For example I took the liberty of modifying a blackboard that read "relaxation in a stick" to read "lung cancer in a stick" and the large icon of a cigarette on the board now has a bubble saying "yum, addiction". I may see if an information campaign is possible later but I think the only helpfull thing I can do now is to discurage my peers from starting. It really is nice how considerate everybody is on campus though. even the smokers isolate themselves to about 3 areas, all outside.

Kitchen work continues. I did my third shift today. This time i was "cooks helper", mostly cutting lettuce, enough for about 800 small salads (3 large cases of it). The assistant cheff, Cheff Ryan is very nice.

Please do note that some of my posts grow in length in the late afternoon, so even if you think you have read one of them you may not have. Thank you all for reading.


lucas said...

good luck with the writing.

what kind of aproximate percentage do you see on campus for smokers/nonsmokers?

Anonymous said...

the school itself said there is approximatly a 10% smoking population...