Friday, August 25, 2006

day 7 and 8

Sorry to miss a day again. is no longer redirecting to googles beta blogger and I didnt realize this untill today. For anybody who that makes no sense at all, it was broken.

I dont feel very confident about the writing test that I took. I dont think it was a very good example of my writing abilities. Then again I dont know what they are expecting having a two hour long writing test the third day of school at 7 in the evening.

Last night I organized the first meeting of MAC (martial arts club). it was a success with a turnout of 6 people (almost a perfect size, im thinking of 10 maybe.) half of which were martial artists previously and were very helpfull and half of whom had never trained and did admirably. we are planning on meeting three nights a week for an hour around 9PM.

Thismorning we took a walk around campus with out lab teacher and observed different plant life. including the pointing out of things to avoid, namely poison oak, stinging nettle and deadly nightshade.

This afternoon i have language and philosophy classes.

There is a lecture tonight on the holly spirit starting at 7:30. i dont know how late it will go but i am sorely tempted to bring my knitting :)


Anonymous said...

You smell of elderberries! Hah!


Skratchy said...

Brothers are so useful when it comes to comments, no?

That's cool that your club has started up. It'll be good for you. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to go to the adult class in Santee on Mondays, since it's only two hours after my late afternoon class gets out. I'm not going tomorrow, though, since I need the first week or so to figure out my schedule. And Dad's once again trying to get me to cut down on my karate, this time telling me that I need to help transport my brother. Bleh. Who cares about brothers? ;)

I'll be looking out for Nicole tomorrow, seeing as how I think we have a class together, but I haven't gotten around to asking her about it yet. Lol.