Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 2

It's Saturday, I slept until almost 9:00 and spent the early morning reading (for the seminar at 3). We had a brunch at 10:30 which was followed directly be a health care talk, which was then followed directly by an hour and a half of financial aid info.... There is currently a dance practice happening but I don't think I will go... not due to any objection to dancing.

I do apologize to anybody who may have tried to post a comment yesterday, until about 10 in the evening I did have this blog configured to only accept comments from members. This has been resolved and all comments are appreciated.

Today at 3 we have another practice seminar. This one is on liberal education, the reading for it was not of the same caliber as CS Lewis's but it should be easier to discuss. Later in the evening there is a freshman social and a movie. I'm going to ask around to see if anybody is interested in organizing a hike on Sunday afternoon.

A very considerate person (AKA my girlfriend Nicole) has been emailing me a condensed version of world news each morning. Its amazing how little the outside world enters into this school. This is a good thing, but I do like to keep up on things.

I finished the last practice tutorial before the program, and the grades, start. Todays discussion was highly successfull. We discussed the idea that the word "humanities" is missleading when applied to liberal arts. In as short of a summary as possible. liberal arts are liberating in that they study things which are not necessary. that is many of us study to survive, but liberal arts study things such as geomatry rather than mechanics, abstracts. (yesterday we read how CS Lewis sees benefit in this as it points us to God.) however humanities suggest an inward pointed idea of human centric observation. this limits us to man or subman understanding of ourselves, we ultimatly would decide that we can only explain ourselves as particles in a mass. this is decidedly unliberating. :) well that probably made no sense. you should all come to college here :-P

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Mr.C said...

Howdy Patrick! Thanks for keeping us posted!

Lucas said...

i was a bit worried about that whole, nonliberating knowlege thing when i went in for the engineering degree, but it looks like i'll have a side of greek, and greek literiture. not quite the whole TAC level of liberal arts, but i expect it to be worth while. keep us posted on your liberating education, us normal students wont be getting much of that