Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 5

Well, nothing much has happened today so far. I have work at 12:00 and then classes untill 9 in the evening, but my morning has been compleatly free. Special thanks to everybody who has fascilitated my tea drinking, it is a very nice feelign to wake up and have a cup of tea. Special thanks to my Mother and Mrs. Colvin.

I would like to point out that though I love getting comments on here. If you are trying to contact me it is a much better idea to simply email giblesnot@gmail.com I have no idea who the comment about my uncle dan is from and I need more info, I guess I shall call my mother.

well, im off to refresh "meno"since i read it three days ago now. Hopefully I shall get to post again after I have actualy done something for the day.

Post tutorial: Philosophy was both productive and fun. I really think I will enjoy that class in general this year. we are going to be combinging 5 weeks worth of work into 4, and then taking the 5th off, due to our tutors planned absence. math was fine, our teacher (mr. applebee) is fine but he dosnt seem very excited by freshman math. it could just be his personality, im witholding judgement. I still have a 2 hour seminar class to go.

The 4 cousins will try to open the box that was mentioned in a previous comment tonight. We have enough homework to merit a study sesion already and we havent started langauge (although I personaly am done with all of the homework for tomorrow. :) )

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Anonymous said...

what is meno? good luck in work/classes today