Monday, August 21, 2006

day 3 and 4

The library was closed yesterday so i didnt get a chance to post. I spent the early half of the day attending mass, reading and begening my homework for this week. In the afternoon I took a hike up to "the punchbowls". The weather, vegitation and general envoirnment out here is amazing. I almost stepped on a snake, thankfull it didnt take offence at this neer miss.

Today was metriculation. The bishop of colorado springs siad mass and we all signed the official registrar of the college. Later I have meetings on library use, dorm rules, and workstudy.

I'm starting to read "insect world" by Fabre. The man is so intensely interested in bugs it is amusing.

Hopefully I shall get to post in greater depth later.

---- It is now later. Much later. Almost 9PM actualy. My workstudy job is kitchen. It wasnt bad tonight, i worked 2 hours. 99% the same as what I did at subway.

Comment moderation has been turned off for those of you who that was anoying. I saw it and though "more power!! WHAHAHAHA" but aparently its just plain anoying so I shall let you all have your little posting powers to yourselves.

To answer some questions: Yes, signing the registrar was very much like signing any great document. except that we got aplauded.... I dont know if the signers of the declaration got that.
to aunt Jenny: Jack is a perfect roomate so far. keeps everything clean. does his homework, dosnt stay out late. Lets me set my alarm clock for whenever (i have a dual alarm so he gets his own seperate time should he choose).
Lastly: the hike was just over 2 hours... over rough terain, it was no less than 4 miles... probably that was about as far as it was though becuase it really was up and down hills and such.

Thanks again to all for reading and especaily those who comment.

P.S. Fabre was an evil man, he pretty much expirimented in what you could do to bugs untill they starved to death.. puting them in mazes and such with food just out of reach..... I'm sure there is something significant that i am missing though.


Lucas said...

ah, hiking, good stuff. how far did did you hike?

also, was the registrar sighing like the sighing of the constitution in anyway? a big room, a line of ppl, all waiting to sigh a giant document. thats the image i get anyway.

keep us posted......

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, Your mom said I could recieve your blog to find out what was going on in the world of TAC...Tell us about what Tiana says. Have you seen her yet?
You do love your room mate don't you? What is matriculation? I've never heard that term in connection with first week frosh. We love hearing all the news...class reports...deep intellectual insights.. Love you and Jack.. Aunt Jenny

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Jack, Tiana and Becca expect a very strange man to be visiting you soon....This is not a chinese fortune, Uncle Dan is in San Jose for a retreat and said he's stopping by TAC afterwards. Jack, make sure you share your humidor selection with him.

Anonymous said...

Snakes, great document-signings, and a study of insect torture methods - sounds like you had a full day ;) the updates on what you're learning/discussing/pondering are nice to hear. keep bloggin'

p.s. i told you i would post before tomorrow..