Thursday, August 31, 2006

This is a title.

Nothing too exciting today. worked in the kitchen all morning. took classes all afternoon. i plan on attending the optional (now that i passed the writing test anyways.) writing class tonight from 6:30-8. Nothing else to report here.


Anonymous said...

you're either a very dedicated student for taking an optional english class, or plain crazy :P Hope it goes well and you learn to write fabulously and you get a novel published and make millions ;)
p.s. i get a four day weekend yay

Anonymous said...

So how you like 19? Not all its cracked up to be huh? hahahahahah. Speaking of writing keep working on your novel. And start playing dungeons and dragons. The stories that happen when you play d&d are way way better than most fantasy stories anyways. Right now me and John are playing a campaign were we are traveling a world that is floating through space on the back of a enourmous turtle and he is a pirate captain and I'm a arcane machinist (a wizard who works magic by building little machines). We came up with that when we tried to figure out what we would be in a fantasy universe.