Monday, September 04, 2006

Latin, bugs, and karate

Sorry to go so long between posts. I have been staying very busy. Saturday I worked a double shift in the kitchen, went to a play (midsummers night dream) and to a dance (I can swing! Sortof.)
Sunday i spent most of the day doing homework. that entailed about 100 pages of reading, memorizing 60 vocabulary words for latin, and Math. Jack went to go see a movie, from his description im glad i didnt go. (I forget what movie it was, but he didnt sound impressed, he did get the ticket for free thanks to technical difficulties though and aparently the car ride/getting off campus was enjoyable, so he wasnt all that sad.) today i got up at 7, went from breakfast to latin to work, to lunch, to theology to math to the lab (we went and caught bugs for a science project, ether gives the most amazing headaches) to dinner, to work, and here I am. Im about to go teach a karate class that I started (10 students, W00t!). Then its off to study math and latin for tomorrow.

Happy birthday to my little brother Ben. He can go get his drivers license now, Scarry thought, im glad im not on the roads anymore :-P

I managed about 5 hours of sleep last night, im very glad that i have nothing till 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Well, thank you all for reading still, i shall try and keep this more up to date. the weekends really are a lost cause though currently, we already have another party for next saturday and perhaps a hike.


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