Monday, September 18, 2006


I have 5 minutes in which to write this. good thing i dont waste time spellchecking. (or punctating, or capitolizing...)

Jack and i have concluded that latin is the root of, if not all evil, at least the majority of our homework. I got a C on the most recent quiz (he has to take the same quiz tomorrow), i have asked 4 other people what they got and i had the highest grade out of them, go figure. i shall have to ask the people who have done more than two years of latin (one of the people i already asked had 2 years in highschool, the other had 1 year in seminary!) according to a campus visitor we had we have already covered what he covered his first symester and we have had less than 3 full weeks of classes involving latin.

Enough about that though. my bug collection is almost done (which is good because its due wendsay) it is currently 23 sorted and labeled bugs, it needs to be 25. my lab class from friday is moved forward to tomorrow morning. they gave some of the other classes extensions for the project because of the fire but i havent been able to find my tutor to ask. dont need it anyways.

Speaking of the fire, it has receeded, at some point we were apparently surrounded by a fast moving fire, but its stopped blotting out the sun and the smoke only takes up about 30% of the sky now, i have some pictures, i still havent gotten around to uploading anything though.

My karate instructor sent me the dojo newsletter as well as a very nice note.

My grandpa and great aunt are coming to visit me this weekend.

Not much else worthy of note, gotta go teach karate.



Anonymous said...

good job on latin! i don't care what you say - learning a full semester of latin in 3 weeks is quite impressive, if you ask me :)

Lucas said...

im finaly all caught up on your blog, but then, things have been kind of crazy for me lately. how are you likeing darwinia?

of to go look for megatokyo........

Lucas Colvin said...

hey everyone, I started my own blog off this inspiration. You can find it at

Anonymous said...

Lucas' blog is up but our computor won't let me respond...maybe I'll respond to both of you here? Good job on your latin quiz, I know you really studied. I am also grateful that you are all alive and not crispy critters!