Tuesday, September 26, 2006

super size me, wisky style

the subject is kinda random. it was a little spoof my friends showed me last night. they did the "is it really healthy to drink/eat nothing but wisky for a month?" (perhaps they thought the answers to supersize me was obvious), the guy made it past about 72 hours.

we went back to normaly classes today. math is getting kinda scary, nobody who was called up was actauly able to finish there prop without help. i imagine i will get to go again sometime this week.

other than that philosophy and work went reletivly smoothly. philosophy is starting into a section on logic, its very interesting. my mother would not like it at all :-P

turns out one of the chefs is a certified martial arts instructor who works at a tia kwan do studio in Santa Barbara. He is gonna come teach a class this monday, siad he might even stay late regularly to work out with us. that would be really cool.

well, i still have a lot of stuff to do online and im already over my 20 minute time limit so im gonna run. cya


Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick, Thanks for all the timely updates. Why wouldn't I like logic? It was one of my favorite classes in college...Does the tutor help you with the math or are you expected to be able to do it?I started my icon class with Father Saba last night and Adult ed with Father Robert starts tommorrow.

Love Mom

Lucas Colvin said...

where these supersized wiskies?