Thursday, September 21, 2006

mindless rambling (and complaints about comments)

As i have said before it would really be apprecaited if people would leave some form of identification when they post a comment.... Particularly the sarcastic ones so i can hunt you down ;)

I really like getting comments but if too many like the ones from last night show up i will turn comment moderation back on and you will have to sign in to post. I dont particularly want to do this, getting lots of comments makes me day.

In response to last nights coments: Yes, it was fun. It has practical applications but we dont really care about them in this class, we are trying to discover truth, the fact that there is a mathamatical structure and order to the universe is a sort of proof of God, also if you read the works of socrates, plato and some of the other early philosophers there greatest basis for intelectual thought is geometry (see the meno). Its not latin, i wish it was because i need more practice for latin.

were having thai food for dinner :)
I have writing class this evening. It should be an enjoyable class (Of course it should be inherently obvious that the majority of those classes are enjoyable since people go to them voluntarilly). Tonight we are going to go over the first two chapters in the book "the elements of style" its really nice when "go over" really means go over, and not the teacher telling us what they thought about them. Its fascinating to sit down with a group of people (i would say peers but i have people in my classes that already have compleated college degrees, some of the other years have people with doctorates going through the program)

well, this is even more random than my normal posts, so i think i will stop before i start describing how increadibly anoying it is to sit at an end of the table with a piece of wood in front of you.

Please please please comment, but sign your name/alias/a clue/ something!

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Lucas Colvin said...

you talked the chefs into thai food didnt you? id worry about those poor chefs of yours if i didnt know they walked around with a knife in one hand and a seering hot pan in the other. noone's going to mess with them.

let us know how your martial arts club is going. you havent mentioned it for a while now

well, keep talkin'and we'll keep readin'

see ya