Friday, September 29, 2006


I got my most recent latin quiz back and I got an 89%, this is very happy for me.

In other news, some of you may be interested to know. People who do not like bitter flavors (very strongly, for example people who dislike brussell sprouts) are catagorized as "Supertasters" there is some (though not definitive) research that these people have more taste buds. The proven fact is that they dislike spicy things and tend to eat less healthy diets (most vitamins are bitter, these people tend to dislike vegitables especialy green ones.) Supertasters are more common in women and people form: asia, africa, and south america; ironicaly some of the greatest chilli eating populations in the world. which brings me to me next interesting fact. resistance to spicyness is a developable habit, it leads to a release of endorphins (b-dopamine) in the brain (and thus can be considered addictive.) however unlike opiats and other drugs with similar effects chillis are seen to increase pain blockers without decreasing pleasure response. there is a promising non addictive drug being looked into for dealing with cronic pain. just a couple of interesting tid bits i came accross today. :)

as it turns out the "logic" that we are studying in philosophy is very little like the mechanical logic done in modern schooling (if A=B and B=C then A=C) what we are studying is the logic of aristotle (mainly from "the catagories" so far) and it revolves more around identifying 1. the basis of definition 2. the proposition 3. the argument (most specificaly if it is valid or invalid). you can see how this would lead to the refined modern logic, but I encurage you to look at the texts of porphyry's "on genus" if you think its the same. (although you would first have to discover how that is spelled.)

well, i finaly have a friday night without a lecture, and a weekend without extra work shifts, dances or fires (crosses fingers ;) ) so i just might post during the weekend sometime.

valete, patrick


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!!"89%"I am amazed and proud as I know how much effort that took to obtain. We all just got back from a flashlight walk; our evening excitement! Nothing planned for this weekend, hope your is peaceful AND fun. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Good work son. See you next weekend.


Mr.C said...

But would Mr. Spock consider it logical? ;-?
Mr.C (Lucas' Dad)

P.S. Good work on your Latin! :-)

Lucas Colvin said...

Ah, science. Tragically, no one here talks about that kind of stuff here. Its one of the things I miss most from home.

Good luck with the weekend