Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 19

I went and counted how many days I have been here.

Thismorning I had a latin quiz. I actualy think I did fine. I will know on friday.

My work for today got moved to tomorrow, leaving me with a double shift then, it was a nice day off today. I took the extra time (which was between 12 and 2) to read my homework for tomorrow (leaving me the time tonight to read my homework for friday as well as go to the karate meeting.)

In math I was called on to demonstrait a prop. Bad luck to get a quiz and that in one day but it was ok since i knew the prop (which demonstriated that in two triangles with two equal sides and the angle between them not equal, the base of those two sides will be correspondingly disproportionate [except my teacher admonished me for using the word proportion, but i dont know why and he didnt say so i assume it dosnt apply to my blog.])

Everybody on campus walks around with MP3 players listening to music. I have 3 MP3 players and many mp3's, but I find my headphones abhorent (or at least my wired ones, my wireless headphones are wonderfull but they do require power to work and a base stand so they really arnt suited to a portable device.) I found a pair of 3$ heaphones on though that got decent reviews, and 3$ is a price that is hard to refuse. now when people see my gp2x or Tungsten T|3 with headphones coming out of it they will ask "what on earth is that" and "why dont you use an ipod?" and then the evangelization begins, with a line somewhere along "because this cost 1/5 or half as much (depending on which there asking about) and it plays video,games,ebooks,calander events, alarms and about three dozen other things ipods cant do." :) i love good electronics.

David six and i are talking about making our own linux distribution that would update/run off a flash drive. this would be a very cool project and not all that hard (because he is a genious and i am a slave driver [my official possition in said joint endevor])

well, i digress into computer related rants, so im sure its time for me to go. cya all round.

(oh, did I mention yesterday that I got a train ticket for the 6th of october. For my parents this sadly means I need to be picked up at the trainstation that friday at 10:45 PM. In any case I will be home that three day weekend.)

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