Monday, September 25, 2006


Saturday night there was a big party, at which the dean decided to anounce a full evacaution. ;) they werent meant to concied like that.
We all met at a church in santa paula. from there we were divided up to go to the different houses that were offering shelter (at this point it was already 1:00 AM). Myself and 9 others got invited to Mr. applebe's (my math tutor).
The whole thing turned out to be pretty fun. Saturday night (we arrived after 2) Mr applebe proposed we watch "office space" so we did. we went to a 9:00 mass at St. Sebastians (for those of you who will know what i mean this reminded me alot of queen of angels.) after that we went to the store. My grandpa and great aunt claira picked me up from his house that afternoon and we went out to lunch at a local grill. It was really nice to see them. After my reletives left we all went to the beach. i took a ton of pictures (which i will no longer lie to you all by saying i will post them ;) because i know i wont. ) we made hamburgers for dinner and watched "black orpheus", the dean called around 9:00 and said we could go back to the school. we got here at 11:30.

Thismorning i washed all the potts, pans, and serving trays that had sat for 2 days. they took over 2 hours. now im reading the odyssey, later i shall have to do some latin and math. classes resume tomorrow.

jack stayed at one of the teachers houses also, tiana stayed at the head deans. I dont know about rebeka, i saw her thismorning but not long enough to get her story.

Hope you all had as much fun this weekend. be sure to comment.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your adventure. Terry and I had a great time visiting the family in Alpine, even got to make some sewing machine parts on the little lathe. Keep the smoke out of your eyes.
Uncle Allan

Jessica said...

Good to hear that you're still safe and that something like an evacuation can't dampen the mood. I have such interesting memories from the week of the Crest fires.