Friday, September 15, 2006

its friday night


The all school seminar is tonight. 2 hours of talking about voluntary human sacrifice ( ;) it actualy was a good play, it was just odd..)

After that there is a little pizza party, which im looking forward too because dinner was not apealing looking enough to even try. (brocoli cassorol..... its something that needs more love than you can provide to 10, 30x15x6 in pans....)

Latin is an evil evil language. For the quiz today i needed to know all of the endings for the first and second declension of nouns..... I wont know how i did on it till monday afternoon but i will say it was a confusing quiz (and i dont normaly get confused on quizes).

The campus has stuff everywhere for the 35th aniversary party tomorrow afternoon. tables, tents the size of small houses, catering goods.... the library has about 300 chairs set up in it.

Dorm wars were canceled officialy (due to somebody cutting the power off in our dorm, i guess this cuased alot of safety problems with alarms going off...) they are not something im going to miss too much but the first night was fun.

and now for the technologicaly/gaming inclined friends of mine: psx4gp2x is making progress again, i tried out darwinia (finaly) after school today (lucas gave that to me.... well before summer started). you all still need to read megatokyo, i have max payne and battlefield 2 to try tonight (fridays are pretty much the only time i can justifiable not spend doing homework, unfortunatly the seminar will infringe on that, but i guess it does have priority ;)

Good luck to Lucas! (he is heading up to UCI this sunday.) or shall i say Bonam Fortunam.


(Salve= hello, te on the end when addressing a crowd, bonam fortunam= good luck, Vale= goodbye, te same as salve. I now know 8 endings for verbs in two diffferent congigations as well as the infinitive, 24 endings for nouns (also 2 declensions) and 24 endings for adjectives, about 100 vocabulary words. not bad for 14 days.) oh, and about 10 prepositions that dont use endings (thank goodness)


uncle chris said...

hey patrick, I enjoy being educated "vicariously" at tac. Also, I get a charge at work to hear your exploits. It's one of my routines here. Don't skip days because i feel jipped when you do. We just got back from a "homicide" shooting up the street where the csi dudes wanted our ladders to "examine" bullet holes in the walls of the nightclub aunt marcia and I went to on our first date. take care and study hard. "Post script":I hope you can enjoy my latin smatterings in this "missive".chz

Uncle Allan said...

Thanks for the latin lesson. I really needed to learn some of the evil evil language! - Allan

Anonymous said...

I hear that your Blog has made it all the way to a nun in Bolivia!!!way to GO.