Monday, September 11, 2006


Wow, I can't believe 9/11 was 5 years ago. It seems like yesterday. all the priests wanted to remind us that more people are killed by abortion EVERY DAY than died in 9/11. The response we saw after that event would be merited every single day. go buy a bumper sticker or something.

In less important matters. i have a combined chapter 2/3 test for latin this friday so i will be trying to spend the next 5 days learning that. The school is having its 35th aniversary celebration this saturday (i heard from a little bird that the tickets cost 150$, so imagine it will be a fairly nice event.) Friday is also an all school seminar. that means that we all do an extra reading and we will be put into random groups from all four grade levels to have a discussion. should be interesting, might get a tutor i dont know and i will definitly get to talk with sophmores, juniors, and seniors.

I started reading megatokyo over the weekend, didnt make it very far, but its a pretty amusing comic strip. available free at (lucas, you need to read these.)

Happy belated birthday to my Grandma Z!

It would be nice if people commented still when they read. I dont know who reads this without it. just say hi if thats all your up for but "hi, this is XXXX" would be very nice to see. if i know who reads this i can talk more directly about what you might care about. thanks



Anonymous said...

hi. good luck on latin!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a busy schedule! Good luck on the quiz-mom