Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Nothing worthy of much note happened today. slept till 9:30, did laundry, went to the business office to arrange transportation to and from the train station next month.

the martial arts club meeting last night went well. I am slowly taking over a little more controll than i had origonaly planned, more or less somebody needs to be in charge and i am the most senoir in training. not to mention it was my idea. we have had about 10 students at each of the last 2 classes, not the same 10.

We have seminar tonight, more illiad, after this we get to read the anied, then the oddesy.

Our philosophy class decided that that there is sound reason to "order the nature of the soul" (according to socrates/plato) without drawing on supernatural reasoning. it was fun.

I have a latin quiz tomorrow that is going to be tough, i studied all weekend though so its not as if im unprepared. its all very interesting
the verb endings go:
Singular plural
First person : O : Mus
Second person : S : Tis
Third person : T : Nt

Those are all active, indicitive, present tense. For imperetive its e or ave.

Well, theres all your latin for the day. Check back soon for more rambling.

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